Clinique iD™

Concentrate For Lines & Wrinkles


Clinique's classic yellow lotion Dramatically Different Moisturiser is a cult-classic and there's a reason for that. And it is this - it is an incredible product that feels amazing on skin, absorbs fast and provides long-lasting hydration.

Now, thanks to some serious research and development, it can do even more.

Clinique ID means you can still buy your favourite lotion but you can choose one of three different formats (a lotion, a jelly or an oil-free gel) and then you can personalise it further with one of five custom blend serums that are tailored to your specific skin conditions.

Those five are: pores, uneven texture, irritation, uneven skin tone, fatigue and finally lines and wrinkles. Me? I am using lines and wrinkles. And it is magic. It feels like my usual Clinique lotion only my skin looks EVEN better. Frankly, I cannot get enough of it and I am certain you will enjoy it too.

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