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Beauty is back and it's bolder, brighter and more fun than ever before thanks to us - The Beauty Insider GAGGLE - and you - the beauty LOVER.

Here, on this one clever clogs little website, we are providing tips and tricks so that you can look hella HOT without making too much of an effort because F - who has the time for that nonsense? The Beauty Insider team will also bring honest-to-goodness reviews (no money exchanged here folks), legit beauty truths (um ... nope - that cream will NOT remove wrinkles) and expert advice from beauty legends such as ourselves - and also YOU! That's right - we are in this adventure together.

Black, white, brown, thin, curvy, tall, short, women, men, reindeers ... we want to hear from you.

Let us know how we’re doing, what you think and feel about what you find here and how we can improve.

Alternatively, just let us know how excellent we are. We love that.

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