Why You’re So F&*%ing Tired (And How To Fix It)

An easy-to-follow sleep guide that will see you kick tired to the kerb

Image: Instagram/@Soothe.

I remember being at my parents beachside home one summer when my sister announced she was tired and going to have a nap. It was maybe 2pm – the sun was busting out everywhere, the breeze soft and sweet-smelling and I could not for the absolute life of me fathom why ANYONE would want to waste a single moment. Tired? Sleep? During the day? Madness.

Fast forward a decade or so and I am also tired. So tired I would sleep all day every day if I could. And night too. For a while anyway. Yep – that tired. There’s a number of reasons for this of course. Like my sister was then, I am now a mother. Kids are awesome but I am here to tell you they also sap the living F-ing life out of you. For real. Result – tired.

I’m also deep into my career. I work hard. And did I mention I have kids? Tired. Two crazy dogs and a rebellious cat. Tired. A massive mortgage. Tired. A lot to consider. A lot. You’re getting it right. I am tired. And not in a boy I did a good workout today kind of way either. I’m talking about the tired that hurts your bones.

I don’t like being this tired, of course. I want to be energetic for my little ones and also for me. I want to smash through my days and achieve my goals without relying on double shot flat whites and Fruit Tingles.

And so, recently I decided I had to make some changes. Big ones. I was too tired and it had to stop. So I put in a call to the most irritatingly energetic, perky, bouncy and also, 100 per cent heavenly, women I know – Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw, co-founders of the health and fitness platform KICGIRLS.com

Steph and Laura – two very energetic bunnies! Image: Instagram/@Stephclairesmith


I explained that I was um … tired. And that I needed help. Fast. And this dynamic duo (I know – so irritatingly perky and pretty and yet delightful right?) gave me the following tips.

Sure, they’re simple enough. But you know what – I have started to integrate them into my life and get this – I AM still tired! But not quite as much. And that’s good enough for me. It’s all about the baby steps right? Plus, both Steph and Laura assure me that if I keep it up I’ll soon be as annoyingly bouncy as they are. Bring that on I say.

Like to know what I learned? Over to Steph and Laura …

Sleep is one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. And its benefits are totally underestimated. A good night’s rest can benefit your mind, body and soul. When we’re starved of sleep, obviously we’re tired, and then we struggle to focus and concentrate. This makes everything harder, and less enjoyable. Sleepiness also makes us forgetful and more irritable, which isn’t helpful when you want to live your life with happiness and confidence.

A good night’s sleep is also the foundation to beautiful, clear skin. When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies release more of the stress hormone cortisol. Too much cortisol can break down skin collagen; our body’s wonder protein which keeps our skin smooth and elastic.

Spray a little Melissa Allen Mood Essentials I Have Calm, $47.95, before bed. It’s heaven-scent … get it? Plus, deeply relaxing too. It contains all the natural, all the good including lavender, bergamot and sandalwood.

To Say Goodbye To Tired Try This

1. Turn off the Phone

You can do it! Studies have proven that the light from our phones can slow down the production of melatonin; the hormone that tells our brain it’s time for bed. So, set your alarm at least an hour before bed and put your phone on silent or on airplane mode – and try not to look at your phone till the morning (those Insta posts can wait!).

2. Meditate and Zen out

Instead of scrolling through FB or swiping on Tinder, use this time to focus on your breathing and relaxing your body. If you’re not sure how to switch off, don’t worry. There are plenty of books, online programs and apps to guide you.

Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t find one you love – there’s a meditation style out there everyone. Keep looking and you’ll find it.

Laura looks like this when she meditates … but I don’t and that’s okay! Image: Instagram/@Laura.Henshaw


3. Set a Routine

We’re massive believers in routine. We try and go to bed around the same time each night – and so should you. This will help set your body clock and make it easier to wake up in the morning. And wake up fresh. Remember that. If you’re glued to a TV series at night and you’re thinking ‘just one more ep’, try and save it for another night.

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal

It’s important to remember the good things in your life (especially when you’ve had a bad day) as it’s often the negative or challenging things that keep us awake at night. Try and write down positive things every night, or at least a couple of nights a week, to remind yourself of the wonderful in your life. When you start to see a list, trust us, you’ll go to sleep smiling.

Image: Instagram/@Hanakotherapies

Try a sweet sleep-inducing spray before bed. This is is one of our all-time favourites Hanako Dream Mist, $21.95. Try using it while reciting the following affirmation from Hanako founder Rachel Holm: “ I now allow myself to let go of the day. With each inhale I feel relaxed and calm, with each exhale I soften and release.”

One last hint – and this one is from me …

If you’re lying in bed at night and struggling to go to sleep consider a mantra. Yes, naff I know, but still. Try it. I like to remind myself that I am always doing the best I can – always. And, then I gently and slowly scan my body and see what I can feel. Is there tingling? Or tightness? Do I feel tense or relaxed? I ask these questions and as I do I continue to remind myself – I am doing the best I can. It doesn’t always work. But when it does I float away into sleep and you know what means – bye bye tired.

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