Why Square-Shaped Nails Are A Definite No

We love a fresh manicure but it turns out there’s one shape we all need to avoid

Nails matter … like really. Image: Instagram/@purelypolished

Ah nails … so much pretty, so much fun.

That’s even more the case when they’re shaped well and lacquered perfectly. But we weren’t too sure what that ought to look like. So we went to a woman who we knew would be able to provide the answers and fast.

So here’s the deal. According to Iman Davamoni, founder of the manicure service Purely Polished, nails today should be classic and simple, which means round or oval shaped.

These shapes are easy to maintain  between manicures and are practical when it comes to modern-day life activities such as typing on a keyboard or tapping on that smart phone of yours. The shape they should never be – square.

Image: Instagram/@purelypolished

“The square nail just isn’t practical,” explains Iman.

“It’s to easy to break and it can catch on clothes as well as getting in the way when typing phones or laptops.”

So there you go. Square is out.

As far as shades are concerned, the top three choices for both fingers and toes are:

Nudes – Iman recommends Sensual Touch from Faby.

Greys – Her clients most often ask for Amazon Haze from Paint Nail Lacquer.

Deep Burgundy Reds – In this colour family Iman likes Rouge Fonce from Faby and Lady Voodoo from Paint Nail Lacquer.

Image: Instagram/@purelypolished

If the top three don’t do it for you and you’re more a pastel kind of a chick, don’t panic.

Iman says that pastels are still very popular, in particular Paint Nail Lacquer in Pale Glacier.

Finally, why get a manicure at all? Firstly, nails need care. But there’s more to a mani (and a pedi) than that.

“It’s dedicated ‘me’ time,” explains Iman.

“You can put down your phone and enforce ‘time out’ as part of your self-care routine. Massages (which are an integral part of mani-pedis), improve circulation and stimulate blood flow which reduces stress on your hands. Also, well maintained nails enhance professionalism, which can translate to a huge boost in confidence.”

Just make sure they’re not square!

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