Why Millennials Will Age Better Than Their Parents

This crowd has its own ideas and they’re not what you think

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Every generation has something to offer and Millennials are no different. In fact, this clever, dynamic, rule-busting bunch bring more than most. They’re a truly innovative lot and in swag of different ways. They refuse to be pushed around, for one thing, and they’re determined to change the world to suit their needs. We love that.

But there’s more to the Millennial generation than just innovation and rebellion. It turns out they’re going to age well too – very well in fact. Harvard Researcher and Regenerative Medicine Expert Dr Vincent Giampapa says this particular generation will stay young and beautiful for considerably longer than any generation before.

If you are a Millennial you probably read that and felt pretty damn good about yourself. And rightly so. But if you’re not, don’t let it worry you. No matter what generation you fall into, you can learn and implement the Millennial generation’s anti-ageing secrets. They’re pretty simple, truth be told, but they work. Here a few to try right now.

Millennials Are Disciplined – And Future Focused

Despite the negative press, millennials are actually more focused and future-minded than previous generations. One American study found that millennials (those born between 1981 and 1997) are better at tracking their spending and sticking to a budget than Baby Boomers. This dedication and focus means that they’re more likely to stick to their personal goals, says Dr Giampapa.

That’s important when it comes to health and fitness goals such as eating well, exercising regularly and staying on top of general preventative testing and so on. No matter your age, you can choose to do that too.

Want to give it a try? Jot down your goals in a diary. Kikki K Goals Journal: Inspiration, $34.95, is a sweet option.


They Utilise Bio-Wearables

New technology means that we’re able to keep track of what we eat, drink and how much we move each and every day. And we can do it all just by getting dressed. Bio wearables – jewellery and trackers incorporated into clothes (and even implanted in the not-too-distant-future) allow people to monitor their sleep patterns, activity levels, readiness for physical activity and even their blood sugar and hormone levels. This information helps the wearer know what to eat, when to eat, and when to workout for optimum results.

According to Dr Giampapa, Millennials are wearing them and taking advantage of the benefits. Again, anyone can do that. Including you.

We quite fancy the Apple Watch – and you can’t blame us right? It’s beautiful let’s face it. And, it provides a whole lot of health and fitness info and inspiration too.


Anti-Ageing Products Are Part Of Their Lives

Millennials are fortunate enough to live in a time when supplements don’t just mean health-boosting vitamins and minerals, but supplements that help them look youthful for longer and even extend their lifespan. “Today’s supplements can actually decrease DNA damage and prevent free radicals – caused by poor diet and the environment – from ageing the skin,” says Dr Giampapa.

New supplements can now change your genes, by turning on and off within each one of the 100 million cells we each have in our body, he adds. Today, supplements can also be personally prescribed according to your personal ageing needs. Try the Jeunesse AM PM range maybe? Jeunesse Essentials AM, $96.90, Jeunesse PM, $96.90.

Dr Vincent Giampapa is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and anti-ageing specialist. He is an ambassador for the Jeunesse Global AMPM Essentials supplement range.

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