What's A Keto Diet And Should I Try It?

A quick look at the diet of the moment plus some EPIC before and after pics!

By now you've likely heard about a 'ketogenic diet' and you may even be thinking about testing it out. But before you do it's best you have an idea as to what it's involved and why so many people are swapping to this type of diet right now.

First, the absolute basics - a ketogenic diet causes the body to produce small fuel molecules called ketones.

Ketones are used an alternative fuel source when blood sugar (glucose) is in short supply. This means that instead of burning sugar - your body switches to burning fat and hey presto - you're dropping weight like nobody's business. However - it's not quite as simple as all that.

There's a tricky bit to this diet - and it is this ... to ensure your glucose is in short supply, you need to follow a strict eating plan for at least two and more likely four days. That strict plan will include no complex carbohydrates and, to be honest, not that much else - except unprocessed whole grains, lean, high-quality protein and a LOT of vegetables.

That's a healthy way to eat - but, it's not always too much fun, say the folk over at Be Fit Food, which specialises in this type of diet.

"For these first two to four days you may intermittently experience hunger, fuzzy headedness, sweatiness, irritability and lethargy (you’ll be a bit “hangry” perhaps)," says Kate Save, dietitian, exercise physiologist and Be Fit Food CEO.

"This will then decrease, and you are likely to feel energetic."

So there is some good news. Yes it works. Yes, it's tough. But it does get easier and quickly too.

Before writing this I gave the diet a whirl and I've got to say, I felt surprisingly okay. I wasn't hungry (incredible), I didn't experience ravings (amazing) and I did have plenty of energy ... by about day six. I only followed the diet for a week but I noticed some major changes.

Did I lose any weight? I did. About three kilograms in one week to be exact. Which is A LOT!

Jenna Jameson

Keto fan Jenna Jameson has achieved amazing results. Image: Instagram/@Jennacantlose


Was my energy high and my focus like that of a ninja? Indeed it was.

Did I put all the weight back on? Of course I did - in about three weeks give or take. Was as exhausted and fuzzy-brained as always? Yes sir!

And therein lies the rub.

A ketogenic diet does work. It will not only see the weight drop off it will boost your energy and likely help you to feel more clear headed. You'll sleep better too and research shows that following this style of diet will decrease your chances of developing a range of life-threatening illnesses such as diabetes and several types of cancer.

Jenna Jameson

Look at that! There's no denying these are major and impressive changes. Image: Instagram/@Jennajameson


But (CAPS LOCK BUT) you will need to stay on it if you want to maintain weight loss results, gain better health and enjoy insane energy.

I will say this - it is definitely worth a good college try.

My problem was that I wasn't committed. This time round (I plan to have another go in the coming weeks / maybe even months) I will give it my all. And when I do I have no doubt the results will be epic.

NB: Learn more about Be Fit Food's keto program by clicking the link here


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