Hilarious viral tweet reveals the truth behind this romantic proposal

The perfect moment captured on social media - or was it ...

There's nothing quite like a proposal to get social media aflutter and this one was more romantic than most. There were kisses, balloons and tears of joy, shock, squeals of delight and one very impressive diamond showcased on one beautifully-manicured hand.

As you can see below - this was quite THE moment and one that absolutely needed to be snapped and shared and immediately. Because it was nothing less than perfection. Seriously.


Ah the romance of this incredibly special moment. Snapped for posterity. Image: Twitter/@Jenna@goodgaljenjen


Only, the truth is a little less perfect than the glorious, neatly manicured, killer red-nailed shot above suggests. And furthermore, considerably more hilarious. You ready? Scroll down for the next shot. Now try not to laugh.

Ta-dah! No manicure cuz? Don't worry. I've got you. Image: Twitter/Jenna@Goodgaljenjen


"My cousin’s boyfriend proposed to her but she didn’t have her nails done lmao," posted Jenna to Twitter. So, in the first photo, the kissing couple's faces are partially blocked by what appears to be the new fiancée's hand, showing off her beautiful ring and red, squared-off manicure.

The second photo, which frankly is our favourite, shows that things aren't quite what they seem. And Twitter loved it. The post quickly went viral and is close to 1M likes and counting and we can see why. It is perfect. Why? Because this is what social media really looks like behind the scenes.


The perfect - the not so perfect but way more fun. Image: Twitter/Jenna@goodgaljenjen


As it turns out, Jenna's cousin is a nurse and never gets her nails done. Jenna explained it to Twitter like this.

"José convinced Diana that the celebration was for his parent’s wedding anniversary, before getting on his knees and revealing that it was all really for her! My girl organised HER OWN proposal party 😩🤣 anyway there were photographers & that’s how this shot was captured."

Twitter LOVED it with one posting that the pic had made her laugh for 10 minutes non-stop.

Us, we love it for two reasons. Firstly, it's real life and we finally get to see that the perfection of social media is not always 100 per cent truthful. And secondly, we love that Jenna wanted to help her cousin out. The sweetest. And best of luck to the new couple. Can't wait to see what they share next!

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