Turmeric Beauty Products Are Trending But Does The Spice Actually Work?

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz seem to think so

Image: Supplied by Golden Grind.

Turmeric is the latest buzz word in beauty and it’s easy to see why. The golden spice has a reputation for being a cure-all and has been used in India for centuries and to treat a multitude of ailments. But does turmeric really bring anything to the table when it comes to skin? Seems like the answer is yes.

And here’s a quick breakdown of why. Firstly, the basics. The bright yellow colour of this legendary spice derives from its active component curcumin. According to a swag of studies, curcumin protects against skin-damaging chemicals and environmental pollutants too.

Those same studies show the spice contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help keep your skin clean and blemish free, fighting off pimples and breakouts providing you with youthful glowing skin. It will also help to reduce inflammation and ease scars.

Anecdotal and scientific evidence does seem to suggest that curcumin promotes healthy skin thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation. Reduce that and skin is looking better already you see. Celebrities love turmeric too – including Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, who say the spice is part of their daily beauty routine. And scientists are getting on board too.

Image: Instagram/@Drewbarrymore


“There’s a reason why this compound has been used for hundreds of years in Eastern medicine,” says Nicholas Young, postdoctoral researcher in rheumatology and immunology at Ohio State University and lead author of a study that examined the spice and its powers.

Tahli Watts, founder of Australian-owned and made turmeric-based beauty range Golden Grind is convinced this is a wonder spice. Accordingly, she’s not the least bit surprised that beauty products that contain turmeric are selling like, well, spicy hotcakes.

“As consumers and beauty professionals continue to further understand the skin’s ability to ingest and absorb what goes on it, brands are needing to become more conscious of what ingredients are put in skincare products,” says Tahli.

“With turmeric being an all-natural spice that has ​so many benefits, it is a no-brainer that beauty brands are starting to include it in new product releases.”

And let’s face it (face it – get it!) products containing the spice are certainly gaining traction on social media currently with countless celebrities and influencers sharing sweet shots of their perfect faces coated in particularly turmeric-based creams and masks.

“Not only are turmeric face masks great to give your skin that extra lift mid-week, they also make for a fun picture to share on social media,” says Tahli.

And why not? Turmeric boats antiseptic and antibacterial properties that can help you to gain the youthful glowing skin you’ve always dreamt of. Yes, we’re talking super clean and blemish free. And turmeric does more than just that …

As an antioxidant, turmeric also ​boasts properties that fight off free radicals in the air, which​ means that it has the ability to impact the skin cells, reversing sun damage and therefore slowing down the ageing process. Best of all, turmeric is 100 per cent natural meaning it’s good for you and the planet we live on and that means the world.

Scroll down for a few of our turmeric-based beauty faves. They’re golden and very, very good. And we know this because we personally tried and tested every single one.

Verso Antioxidant Turmeric Booster, $139. This powerful facial serum provides both immediate and long-term antioxidant effects for a more nourished, youthful appearance, say its creators and we reckon they’re onto something. Enriched by our face spice and Vitamin E it combats free radicals and improves the skin’s hydration capacity.

Essano Superfoods Turmeric Illuminating Facial Oil, $29.99. This luxurious oil contains potent turmeric that balances skin, reduces inflammation and slows the signs of ageing, combined with Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil to promote skin suppleness and softness. Rosemary improves circulation and Blackcurrant restores natural glow.

Kora Organics By Miranda Wood Turmeric Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, $60. An invigorating 2-in-1 organic facial exfoliating mask formulated to revitalise, brighten and promote skin cell renewal. Miranda also says this one is genius for blocked pores and blackheads. Yip!

Golden Grind Turmeric Face Mask, $24.95. The added Australian Sandalwood in this formula will work as a wonderful exfoliate, the Fullers Earth is a natural clay that will help purify and draw out toxins while Hyaluronic Acid is calming, hydrating, and oxidant combating. Plus it smells amazing with organic orange peel and essential oil.

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