"I Never EVER Wear Foundation ... And This Is Why"

Also, this is what I do instead.

Foundation is ace. If you choose the right one it can camouflage pretty much everything - even what you might regard as significant flaws. We’re talking redness, acne scars, dark circles ... hell - all sorts of skin issues.

But do you know what else can work equally as effectively - tinted moisturiser.

I know this because it is all I EVER wear. Like ever. And trust me it’s not because I have one of those smooth, glass-like complexions. My skin is not perfect - not by a long shot.

I tend towards redness and the occasional breakout too. I have some visible pigmentation (yep, I’m a beach girl, like most of us Aussies) and some fine lines too. But you know what else I have - a F-ing busy schedule and I do not have the time to apply foundation properly.

And here’s the deal - foundation must be applied perfectly or it does you no favours. Indeed, it will detract from your beauty unless you choose the right shade and formula and you focus when applying it.

So there ... this is why I do not wear it. Ever.

I have about 32 seconds to get ready of a morning so I pop a little tinted moisturiser on, press it into my skin with my palms and I am out of the house. Just. Like. That.

And you know what? I get compliments daily. Women ask me all the time what foundation I use because it seems so fresh and natural. And that's because it is not foundation at all. Oh, one other awesome thing about a tinted moisturiser - many of them contain hight levels of SPF so you're sun protected too. Sweet.

Want to try the same? Why not start with these products. Because, well, they are very, very good.

Natio tint

Natio Tinted Moisturiser SPF20, $18.95.

For a satin finish, the lightweight and hydrating formula leaves a healthy-looking, natural, glowing complexion. And it is super well-priced. Like, super. Smooth it onto skin with fingers and hey presto - you are good to go and looking beautiful too.

La Roche-Posay

La Roche Posay Anthelios Ultra BB Cream SPF50+, $29.99.

Technically a sunscreen, this cream provides the most beautiful tint. It is best suited to dry, sensitive skin and features a gorgeous tinted finish. Further, that's UVA/ UVB protection with broad spectrum of SPF 50+ which is pretty damn awesome.

We Are Feel Good Inc. Sticky Zinc, $29.95.

Okay so this one is one step from a tint in that it really is a sunscreen - not a coverage. That said - it provides awesome coverage and protects skin from the elements and in the best of ways. I opt for this one if I have an outdoorsy day coming up. There's two reasons for that - it looks beautiful and also, it does not budge.



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