Three things you need to know by Robyn Lawley

Yes – that Robyn Lawley … mum, wife, friend, supermodel

Robyn Lawley, model, swimsuit designer and Pantene ambassador knows what she likes. And she’s happy to share with you. We know this woman by the way and can we just say this – she’s even more INCREDIBLE in the flesh than you can possibly imagine. Yep. True that.

Anyway, back to her Top Three. Take it away Robyn.

Styling Tip

“If I’ve only got five minutes to get out the door, but want to look good I brush my hair, spray some sea salt spray in and then top knot it tightly into four separate buns. After five minutes, I take my hair out and I have beautiful, tousled locks.”

Yet another incredible shot of this amazing woman – model, mother, wife, friend. Image: Instagram/@robynlawley

A Little Soul

“My mother always told me that a beautiful woman is one who follows her own moral compass and does good things in the world.”

And yes – she actually looks this good in the flesh, better even. Amazing. Oh and she’s smart and sweet too. Image: Instagram/@robynlawley

Products to Love

“My favourite three beauty products right now? Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle Protection Conditioner, Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer, Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle Protection Conditioner and Benefit High Beam Face Highlighter. Three quality buys that help Robyn to look like this. Yep.


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