This Simple Skincare Guide Will Change Your Life And In The Best Of Ways

Use the right amount always

Skincare is terrific and we love it. But it can sometimes be a little confusing. That’s why a handy guide can come in so very handy.

We stumble across a lot in our line of work, but this one, shared by US makeup artist and skincare consultant Brittney is one of the best we’ve seen in some time – maybe ever.

This one simple image reveals how much skincare product to apply every time you do.

It covers cleanser, physical exfoliator, serum, eye cream and even a mask.

Image: Instagram/@Extraordinarylifemua

Follow it and you’ll never over-do (or under for that matter) again.

Thanks Brittney. We owe you one.

Oh, one last tip. Brittney, who uses the Instagram handle @Extraordinarylifemua says if in doubt regarding sunscreen always use a little more. And on that we have to agree.

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