This Genius Winged Eyeliner Hack Will Give You The Eyes Of Your Dreams

So easy it will blow your mind

Image: Pinterest/ TYZ

We love winged eyeliner.

It’s not easy though. At least – that’s what we thought until we stumbled across this genius beauty hack on a Reddit board.

“I usually get a lot of compliments on my winged eyeliner, so I wanted to share my best eyeliner hack with you,” posted a Redit user who goes by the name MDL1994.

And this is exactly what she does.

She takes her favourite thick, black liner and draws in the desired shape.

Next, she takes a makeup wipe and folds it so it has a smooth edge.

Then, she places the wipe just below each wing and swipes upward.

This instantly sharpen the wings and make them appear, well, perfect.

MDL1994 says her little hack is “quick, easy, and foolproof,” and we’re with her.

One thing to remember – it’s completely okay if your wings aren’t perfect first go.

Indeed, MDL1994 said she makes “messy wings.”

When that happens she uses the wipe to remove any smudged edges and why presto – you’re looking at sharp, sexy, perfect winged liner. We have one word and one word only – GENIUS.

Image: Reddit/ MDL1994

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