These Are The Hottest Beauty Trends Ever, Says Pinterest

So that’s what inspires women around the globe.

Image: Pinterest. Frauenhaarmodelle

The Pinterest Global Beauty Report has just been released and it is the definitive guide to the hottest beauty trends worldwide . With more than eight billion beauty ideas and 207 million beauty boards worldwide, the social media platform has a very good handle on what we want and why.

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite looks from some of the world’s most exotic locales and detailed them below. Time to start scrolling. These inspiring, innovative and downright artistic trends are the ones you’ll be wanting to try in the coming months.


Women here are all about blush – but forget about traditional pinks and/ or reds. According to Pinterest, they’re turning to orange and in all its beautiful shades. And why not? Orange is fresh and fruity and on pale Asian skins, looks pretty much perfect.

Image: Pinterest. Takashi.



In sexy, steamy Brazil, the hot trend of the day is ruby, wine-stained lips and we’re loving it. Easy to see why when you look at these Pinterest posts from the home country of supermodel Giselle Bunchen.

Image: Pinterest. Steal The Look.



French women are known and loved for their incredible sense of style and of course, their beauty trends. According to Pinterest, women here are all about makeup that is genuinely artistic. Word is it’s inspired by the nation’s dead cool noir films. Whatever the inspiration, this trend is sheer delight.

Image: Pinterest. Arch Zine FR.



In Argentina, the Pinterest beauty crowd aren’t mucking about. This lot are all about making a dramatic entrance and damn – they do it in style. We’re talking serious glitter, major sparkle and basically all-things magical.

Image: Pinterest. Vogue Mexico Y Latinoamerica



Oh those Spanish beauties. According to Pinterest they’re all about the lashes. And Pinterest says, the maximum lushest lashes ever for this lot. Can’t blame them. Who doesn’t love a fluttery, sexy, doe-eyed lash?

Image: Pinterest. Astuce De Fille.


South Africa

They’re not playing in South Africa, says Pinterest. Especially when it comes to classic cat-eye style makeup. We’re talking sexy and dramatic as hell. In South Africa they’re all about intense black kitten flicks and everything that says ‘Come here baby’. Have to admire it.

Image: Pinterest. Greggory Reveles.


The United States

Look, we’re not fans of their politics but they’re hair and makeup trends cannot be denied. According to Pinterest, the US is all about braids right now and that is a trend we are more than happy to embrace. I mean braids? Seriously. Who can say no?

Image: Pinterest. Amanda Anglin.



In Germany it is all about the pixie cut, says Pinterest. And damn it – Pinterest knows! So here’s the deal, Pinterest says the women of Germany like to keep it short and chic – well, for 2018 anyway. And frankly, can’t blame them. Pinterest pics show they look pretty damn hot.

Image: Pinterest. Frauenhaarmodelle



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