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Australia is a lucky country and for a number of very significant reasons – you know, freedom, safety, all the important stuff. We’re also pretty blessed when it comes to beauty talent. Here, in the first of our Meet the Talent series, we check in with Sydney celebrity stylist and sweet-talking charmer George Giavis.

So lovely George – let’s begin … Ahem. Please answer the following.

Name: George Giavis

Years in the Business: 20 years

Started Out By Doing:
Would you believe I started out doing a Science Degree, but my real love was always hairdressing. My aunt owned a hairdressing salon so I guess it’s in my blood. I always had a fascination with fashion, the beauty industry and the art of transformation. Science does how ever have its uses and I guess that’s why I was always so interested in the colouring process, mixing custom colours involves science, just without having to wear a white lab coat.

Worst Gig:
I worked as the bell boy in a very plush Sydney hotel in the early 80’s. Whilst the work was not really me, I had many celebrity encounters, witnessed some hair-raising behaviour, learned the art of discretion and got up close and personal with my idol Gianni Versace.

The very handsome and frankly, ultra talented Mr George Giavis. Did we mention he’s handsome? He’s very handsome. And Eve Lom’s Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisturiser, $72. Actually does what it says!

Best Gig:
Whilst I have been fortunate to work many red carpet events, like the Golden Globes and style and colour the hair of many famous people,  my best gig was styling my best friends hair for her wedding. Friends and family are everything.

Breakthrough Moment:
I was working in London at an upmarket salon and one of my wealthy clients asked for my salon details for when she travelled to Australia. It was a call to action and I vowed that when I returned to Australia it would be to work in my own salon.

You Love Hair Dressing Because:
A great hair colour or cut does wonders for a woman’s self esteem. I love the power of a beauty transformation. Watching a woman walk out of my salon feeling more confident and beautiful always reminds me of my love of hairdressing.

George’s salon The Blonde Room. Don’t worry. Blondes and brunettes are welcome too. Also, Eve Lom’s Cleanser, $72, and worth every cent. 

At your Salon you Provide:
We are not a ‘gold fish bowl’ salon. Each client has their own suite, so we offer the utmost privacy. Long haul hairdressing involving colour requires a client to spend a fair amount of time at the salon. We try to make this time as pleasurable as possible.
I am also not aligned to any one hair care brand. We choose the best products and colours from every range. I like the reds from one, the blondes from another.
Our salon was one of the first colour specialist salons in the country. We offer meticulous colouring techniques. I try to make my blondes as natural and seamless as possible. I am known for my blonde techniques and we have a V.I.P room appropriately named The Blonde Room.

Added Extras:
My mother is a wonderful cook and makes many delicious Greek cakes and treats. Our clients love them.  Some even call to see what’s on the menu before they arrive. I believe that when it comes to making a hair statement for a special occasion there is nothing quite like a hair accessory. I have designed a range of head bands and hair accessories.
I am also a bit of a beauty junkie so I am always on the look out from fabulous cult products for my clients. I was the first to bring Tarte and Eve Lom to Australia.

Hot Hair Tip for the Season:
Longer hair is definitely making a comeback. The emphasis is on gloss and shine so hair needs to be really healthy. Hair accessories, particularly decorative clips will be big.
I am reading predictions of platinum making a return but I’m not convinced. It requires a lot of maintenance so I think it might not be as popular as some are saying.
This year we will see more interesting highlighting techniques like ‘strobing’ in which the placement of foils is determined by the individual’s face shape, colour and cut. This technique is generating interest but it’s something colour specialist have been practising for some time.
As clients become more educated about colouring options, precise highlighting techniques that are custom made to an individuals face shape, hair cut and colour will become more popular.

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