The Surprising Thing About Emilia Clarke’s Golden Globes Beauty Look

You’ll need to supply the killer attitude though

Image: Instagram/ @Lilmissloz

Actress Emilia Clarke has won our best of beauty award (and our hearts) for her knock-out makeup look at the 2018 Golden Globes Awards.

The Game of Thrones star paired her naturally dewy-fresh skin with light to sheer foundation coverage, a flush of rosy blush to the cheeks, a wash of tawny colour to the eyes, a dramatic sweep of black liner, sexy long lashes, a hint of shimmer under the eyes and, the KILLER touch, the perfect pink lipstick.

All in all, the woman was a knock-out and the reason why, at least, according to us, is not the makeup we just listed above.


Image: Instagram/ @Newstiescrank Getting ready to hit the Golden Globes red carpet.


No, it’s for a much more simple not to mention poignant reason and that is this – despite the magnitude of the occasion and the fact that the whole world was watching, Emilia allowed her tremendous natural beauty to take the forefront and let her makeup be nothing more than an accessory.

And that is something all of us ought to do more often.

Sure, it’s fun to go crazy with the makeup from time to time, to create an intense Instagram-worthy effect, but in real life most women look their most beautiful by letting their natural features shine – rather than hiding them under heavy makeup looks.

Our advice – work out what your most beautiful features are.

Ask your friends. Look in the mirror. And then learn how to make the most of them. If your mouth is full and lovely like Emilia’s, try a rich, bold lipstick to attract the eye.


Image: Instagram/ @Jontyrionarya Amelia is confident in her own skin – and it shows.


If your eyes are unusually lovely, learn how to highlight them with a hint of liner, a neutral shade of shadow and a tonne of lashes – only.

Cheeks will always look pretty with a hint of rose. No matter your colouring.

Happiness is attractive on everyone.

To get it you need to love the way you look.

Easy to say we know, but nothing is more delightful than a confident woman who owns her beauty and isn’t afraid to let you know it.

It might take some practice, but you will get there in the end. And when you do, you’ll be every bit as compelling as Amelia here. Try it and see.

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