The inside guide to the best beauty salons

Beauty editor Kelly Baker’s personal recommendations for all-thing beauty.

You’re getting a facial. You go to…

There are some truly excellent facialists in my home town of Sydney. I don’t have a favourite. The one I visited most recently though was Face Plus Medi Spa in Bondi Junction. The herbal peels here are genius. They feel a little like being sand-papered so it’s not a super relaxing treatment, but it leaves skin looking beautifully dewy fresh and plump. And there are relaxing facial treatments too if that’s more your thing.

Your favourite hair stylists are…

I swear by Anthony Nader at RAW for all things hair. I’m an Estudio Galleria fan too. Both salons are warm and welcoming and don’t have that ‘you’re not cool enough to be in here vibe’. Even my kids get their hair cut by Anthony. He’s charming, funny, sweet and an awesome hairdresser. Aleks at Estudio is my go-to when I want to funk it up a little and he does a killer blow out.

And lashes…

Lashes are with Amy Jean Linehan, at Amy Jean Eye Couture. I wear lash extensions all-year round and Amy Jean is my girl. I have had some disasters in my time and I never want to take that chance again. I mean, this is my face we’re talking about! If I can’t get in to see AJ I head Love Those Lashes or Lady Lash.

And brows?

Also, AJ if I can snaffle an appointment. She’s incredibly busy. She’s not particularly cheap, but I’m a believer in the concept that you get what you pay for. I also love Benefit for Brows. Quick, easy and a bargain.

A whole day of luxe treatments would take place where?

Oh my… This is never going to happen. But, if I could pull it off I’d head to The Spa at The Park Hyatt. You can tailor your own treatments and make a day of it. I’d get an aromatherapy massage and a full body scrub of some kind. A pedicure and a manicure is a must plus a rejuvenating facial. I’d be needing to drink French champagne the entire time of course.

If you wanted laser you’d head to…

This really depends on the type. If it’s hair removal laser I’m pretty happy with the chains that do inexpensive deals although I inspect the premises closely beforehand and do a little asking around as to who is best. For anti-ageing and rejuvenating laser treatments I love Dr Jeremy Cumpston at Ageless Clinic and also Anne Pilley at Zecca Cosmedical.

If you could only get one treatment a month, what would you get and where would you go?

A pedicure. Definitely. You can’t go past The Nail Lab in Darlinghurst. The staff there are quick, do a beautiful job and the salon is bright, fresh and sparkling clean. It’s kind of gross how many aren’t!

How do you rate the quality and range of services in Australia in terms of beauty?

If you’re looking for top notch beauty treatments you’re in the right place. You can get everything you need in this neck of the woods and you can rest easy knowing you’re dealing with the best there is.

Most under-rated treatment is…

I think that fillers can do amazing things in terms of changing face shape, providing you with more flattering features and generally holding back the clock. That said, you do need to select a practitioner carefully. You want someone who prefers a more natural, subtle look. I can’t recommend Natalie Abouchar at Privee Clinic highly enough.

Does pampering really matter?

It’s a cliche but women tend to put themselves last. They care for everyone around them, their kids, their co-workers, bosses, partners, friends and forget they need some time out too. A beauty treatment can seem indulgent but it forces you to sit still and take a moment which may turn out to be the moment you really, really need.

The other side of course is that when you look good, you feel good. It’s simplistic yes, but it’s true.

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