The Best Beauty Products You’ve Never Heard Of

They might not be famous but they damn well ought to be

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There are countless beauty products on the market.

Amongst that crowded market, there’s some pretty famous names that all women could recite if asked to. But if you dig a little, there are some not-so-well known beauty brands that offer something truly special.

And just because they’re skating under the radar, doesn’t mean they’re not worth your time and money too.

Here, we provide a round-up of our favourite not-so-famous beauty products and the brands that created them.

It’s highly likely, you don’t know any of them – but the truth is, you absolutely should.


Frankie & Lou Charcoal Honey Clay Mask, $30. There are a huge number of charcoal masks on the market these days and a lot are very, very good. This one, however, is even better. Why? Well, it’s made in small batches by actual humans who care a great deal about your skin.

It’s jam-packed with quality ingredients one of which is activated charcoal – obviously. Unlike many other masks it also includes ray honey which does wonders for all skin types thanks to its proven antibacterial and antioxidant properties. It leaves skin soft, smooth and healthy looking and who doesn’t want that?  The entire range is well worth a look.



Dr Spiller Collagen Cream, $126. This is our favourite in the Dr Spiller range, but to be frank, every single item is worth its weight in gold. The salon-only range is deeply effective yet also super gentle on skin with the doctor himself focused on maintaining the skin’s mantle – or surface. Try it and see the difference. Like – really.

Your skin will be genuinely dewy, fresh and firm and it will feel smooth and soft too. Beauty blogger Chloe Morello is a fan if that gets you over the line. It should – her skin is beyond perfect.


Skin Therapy Eternal Jellyfish Complex DNA Miracle Cream, $30. Here’s the simple truth – amazing results at amazing prices. This skincare range is seriously budget-friendly and yet, does what it promises.

You can pick it up at supermarkets while you’re doing the groceries too – handy if you ask us. The rest of the range is equally well-priced too and all of it works wonders.



Models Own Sculpt & Glow Contour Palette, $24.95.  Contains blush, highlighter and bronzer in shades that work on all complexions making it perfect for everyone. You can wear each alone, or all three together as they blend beautifully and easily too.

Models Own has a wide range that includes pretty much everything you can imagine. The quality is excellent yet it’s well-priced, meaning it’s perfect for beginners or the most experienced of makeup junkies. This range is huge in the UK and now, it’s gaining a name for itself in Australia thanks to its quality ingredients and flattering finishes.



Gilded Cage Unleashed Lipstick in Perfect Nude, $28. This quality lipstick is actually the perfect nude – like, seriously. The shade is gorgeous and the texture too and the same goes for all of the other products in the range.

An Aussie-based brand, we’re huge fans of Gilded Cage, which was created by a bloke who used to work in the mines. No kidding! Despite being an ocker project, it is made in Italy alongside some of the most expensive cosmetics in the world and it shows. Serious luxury at budget prices.


Zoeva Nude Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette, $75. A favourite with pro makeup artists thanks to its incredible colour range and amazing quality, Zoeva is still flying under the radar somewhat.

It’s not the cheapest of makeup ranges out there, but it is certainly not the most expensive and trust us – it is worth the spend. This palette, for example, contains the most flattering shades in history plus provides a range of finishes. And, thanks to its super rich pigments a little goes a long way so you won’t need to restock for many, many months if ever.



The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty Powder, $59.95. This clever clogs powder creates good gut health and in turn, healthy, glowing skin. Take it regularly and you’ll see results that are every bit as effective as the most expensive of skincare – maybe more so.

It’s created by Carla Oates – an Aussie girl who we are lucky enough to have known for years and also call a friend. Carla has been working on this range for the past several years and it’s on the cusp of being HUGE. In fact, it’s recently been taken on by the David Jones beauty department so hurry. Pretty soon everyone will know about The Beauty Chef range and the amazing results it provides.




Moo Goo Gentle Exfoliating Powder, $19.95. Unlike some exfoliants which can actually harm skin and irritate too, this one leaves you dewy and soft thanks to its super gentle ingredients. That’s mainly because it’s expertly formulated by a bunch of folk who know skin.

The range itself is natural as can be and the creators are genuinely honest about ingredients – they list them all – not just the appealing-sounding ones – so you know exactly what you’re putting on your face (and body too). They have a particular focus on skin problems meaning Moo Goo is perfect for those who suffer from conditions such as eczema, rosacea and even acne.




Mister G Texture Gel, $28.50. Perfect for texture and hold and it has a non-sticky finish this gel is the one you’ve been looking for. Promise. This texture gel might be the only Mister G product but it’s worth a mention all the same.

Why? Because if you’ve ever searched for a hair gel you’ll be only too aware that finding the perfect one is like discovering a camera-shy Kardashian. That is to say – pretty nigh impossible. Still, we’ve done it because here it is. The best texture gel ever.


The Jojoba Company Protective Day Cream SPF15, $39.95. This Australian-owned and based skincare company offers a vast array of truly exceptional products but this one is our current favourite – hands down. There’s a number of reasons for that … firstly, it’s an effective broad spectrum sunscreen so no UVA or UVB. Secondly, it’s free of nano particles so you’re gorgeous face is not absorbing any nasties. Last, and definitely not least, it feels heavenly on skin and does not block pores.

The range itself is impressive. Our advice – start with this fella – but check the rest out too.


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