Tasselling Is The New Hair Trend You’re Going To Want To Try

Oh Balayage – you’re so last year …

Image: Instagram/@Esstudioeyes

Every year, sometimes season, a new hair colour swings into town.

Maybe it stays a single season only (silver anyone?), or perhaps the whole year through (hello pastel pink).

Of course, 2018 is no different and we’re already quietly confident THIS is the hair colour trend of the year.

Yes, it’s tasselling. And it is P R E T T Y.

Like to know more? We thought so. Read on style fiends because ace stylist Aleks Abadia of Esstudio Galleria is about to explain everything.

So tasselling? What the actual?

Tasseling is a foiling or free-hand technique inspired by traditional ‘Balayage’. It’s a form of high-lighting hair that brings a sense of lightness all over – even the hair closer to the roots right through to the tips. It looks fresh and natural and dare we say, sexy.

Image: Instagram/@Esstudioeyes Fresh, lovely tasselling in all its glossy glory.


How is this different from Contouring?

Contouring is specific to your face shape. Colourists use that technique to highlight your best features, say your beautiful eyes, and downplay any you’d like to minimise, an overly strong jaw maybe.

The tasseling technique works on any face shape. Actually, you can use both techniques if you want to. They complement each other beautifully.

Who does it work best on?

This is a style that works best on those who already have some Balayage colouring to their hair or those who have a little lightness.

Why is it a good trend to try?

It’s still low-maintenance and it adds dimension to the hair making it seem full and thick and healthy – even if it’s not quite at that stage yet. Plus, it’s not as heavy on the ends like Balayage can be so it’s looks bouncy and shiny too.

I think that’s a good thing.

Image: Instagram/@Kimkardashian Oh Kim … that shade is so very 2017.


What kind of maintenance will it require?

Appropriate home care will always extend the times between visits to the salon. But even with Tasselling you’re still going to need to visit the salon for a touch up every three months or so. That’s not so bad right?

How do I choose the right person for the job?

Always have a consult prior to your appointment if you are trying somewhere new. Ask questions, any questions, all the questions. You need to make sure you feel comfortable with your stylist. Oh and ask around. If you see someone who has it and you love the result ask where they had it done and also, by which colourist.

And don’t forget to read reviews

What can I expect to pay?

Anywhere between $250 to $400 a visit. It depends on where you go and also, the length of your hair of course.

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