Sydney Salon Esstudio Galleria Gives Good Hair

The inner city salon where hipsters and cool cats get the colour of their dreams


Esstudio Galleria


5 Queen Street
Chippendale, NSW, 2008
T: 02 9698 1135


The super relaxed crew at Esstudio Galleria are pretty damn good at pretty much everything, but if there's one thing they absolutely excel in it's colour.

Owner Aleks Abadia is a legitimate talent. He has won a swag of awards for his genuinely innovative techniques and it's no surprise really. Man has a genuine eye for the perfect shade to make your skin glow and your eyes sparkle. Honestly!

Plus, he's a dead-set sweetheart and when he addresses you as 'maaaaaate', which he will, he will genuinely mean it and you'll leave this inner-city salon with a new best friend.


A favourite with the country's most respected Beauty Editors, you're likely to run shoulders with at least one or two no matter what day you pop in. You'll recognise them by their laptops, big hair and familiarity with the staff.

Aside from the beauty crowd, hipster mamas and their hipster kids and heavily-inked cool cats. 


If you're serious about hair but have no time for attitude then this is the place for you. Esstudio G has an inner-city edge that makes it popular with those sporting facial tattoos yet you'll find your 70-year-old neighbour in the next chair too.

It's what we like to think of as the perfect mix. And let's face it - you always suspected that broad was cool AF.

We Tried:

Like we say we love everything Aleks does but his blonde is out of this world and we are utterly obsessed with his brand new technique Smelting, a colouring technique best described as lazy-girl's Balayage.


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