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Supplements that promise to bring you flawless skin, shiny hair and strong nails are everywhere right now. Wander through the pharmacy, the health food store, the supermarket, even the most high-end of department stores and you'll find supplements promising to do all that and more.

But supplements are a tricky business. You see, in Australia, most countries in fact, the regulations around supplements and the veracity of their claims is a little bit, shall we say, loose. This means that there are products on the market making truly impressive claims and yet - if you dig even a little you will discover there is very little data or research to back those claims up.

This is why The Beauty Insider exists of course. We are your source of credible, reliable, 100 per cent unbiased information. This means that if we say something is good - it's because we genuinely believe it is - not because someone paid us to say so. This means that if you stick with us you will know which products are worth your time and hard-earned cash and which most definitely are not. But back to supplements and in particular those of the beauty variety.

We don't for one second mean to suggest that all beauty supplements are a waste of time. There are definitely natural ingredients which will promote skin, nail and hair health when taken in capsule or powder form. Take maple leaf for example. This leaf was used by native American Indians who added it to their traditional medicines and now scientists have discovered the leaf's extract may prevent fine lines and wrinkles, perhaps even age spots.

It works like this ... Wrinkles form when the enzyme elastase breaks down elastin in the skin as part of the ageing process. But researchers from the University of Rhode Island have discovered that leaf extracts from red maple trees can block the activity of elastase. So pop a supplement with this ingredient in it and you're likely to see benefits. Big ones.

There's also turmeric - which is scientifically proven to reduce inflammation which boosts skin condition - so you want to pop supplements that include that ingredient too. Or you might like to consider supplements that contain elderberries. These sweet little guys have been shown by the University of East Anglia and the Institute of Food Research to strengthen the skin's barrier and boost collagen too.

Us? We've tried them all. Well, just about. And we have narrowed down a select group of favourites. And this is them. NB: Just to be super clear - nobody paid us a cent to say these products are ace. We just reckon they are.



This snappily-priced product contains specific nutrients which its creators say may support skin, hair and nail health, and that play a role in collagen formation. The combination of Biotin, Zinc and Vitamin C helps to maintain healthy skin whilst Selenium assists in protecting cells and tissues from free radical damage. Silicon supports healthy skin, hair and nails and is required for proper integrity of nails and skin. We tried it though and guess what - it works.


SuperFeast Beauty Blend Radiance Tonic, (65g Micron Glass Jar), $35.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, when the liver is congested and kidney essence is depleted, physical vibrancy naturally diminishes. You can sort that out, however, with a teaspoon or two of Beauty Blend. Its creators say it harnesses the toning, detoxifying and health-giving properties of the herbs goji, schizandra, logan and micro-ground pearls (yes, real pearls!) to promote inner and outer radiance. Again - tried it and it does seem to work. And it tastes good!

Image: Instagram/@Thebeautychef


The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty (5 sachets), $18, or $59 for 150g.

Carla Oates, AKA The Beauty Chef, believes radiant skin begins with good digestion. Her creation Glow contains skin-protective antioxidants and phytonutrients including vitamin C for collagen formation, normal immune function, and to help protect cells from oxidative stress, as well as zinc to help maintain healthy hair, skin, and nails. The Beauty Chef utilises a unique, natural bio-fermentation process called Flora Culture™, backed by 25 years of research, to help support a healthy immune system, promote good gut health, and contribute to radiant skin. Does it work? Damn straight it does.


Nuzest Good Green Stuff (300g), $88.

With more than 75 ingredients in one great-tasting product, this super-blend is packed with all your daily nutritional needs, making it simple to be healthy. Contains optimal levels of nutrient-rich greens, fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries; strengthened with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes and much more.

Even more important than the high levels of vitamins and minerals found in Good Green Stuff, are the superior forms of the nutrients used. Each one has been selected in its most bio available form on the bases of scientific rationale to make sure you get the maximum benefits from every serve. And yes, it's technically a health rather than beauty supplement but it does the trick. Trust us on that one. Good health - good beauty. It's that simple.


WelleCo Super Elixir Greens (refillable caddy), $145.

"Since taking 2 teaspoons a day and adopting a predominately plant-based diet, I have had more energy and felt healthier than ever. It made me realise the profound impact food can have on the way I feel. It has transformed my life.” Elle Macpherson.

Yes. That Elle Macpherson. Admittedly she is a co-founder of this gorgeous range, but we can tell you, hand on heart, this stuff works. Swear to ... well Elle.


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