Summer Hair So Sexy You’ll Want To Touch Yourself All Over

So much easier than you think, discovers beauty writer Aimee Wice.

Image: Instagram/@RosieHW

Ah, summer! Along with longer, sunnier days, an increase in frozen treat consumption (soft serve ice cream cones and frosé, anyone?) and a generally more laissez-faire disposition, it’s easy to see why it’s the fairest season of them all.

But in the beauty world, the sweet summer months can wreak havoc on everything from our complexions to our nails to our hair. Luckily, there are a few easy tips and tricks to keep you safe and beautiful (a no-brainer: SPF first!) all season long, especially when it comes to saving your precious strands.

Amajjika Kumara, co-owner and marketing manager at Lily Jackson Hair & Make-up, gives us the low down on keeping your crowning glory in tip top shape this season. See you on the patio for sunset cocktails!

Image: Instagram/@RosieHW

On changing your hair care routine in the warmer months:

“Coming out of winter, hair is often dry; it’s also traditionally a slower time of year for us at Lily Jackson, as people seem to hibernate and not pay as much attention to their hair.

This makes Spring a great time to change your colour and get a fresh new cut to get out of a winter rut.

You should also review your hair care regime and make some changes for the warmer weather — spending time outdoors in the sun and being exposed to the elements will affect your hair’s health as much as spending time in air conditioned environments, which are both factors come summer.”

On protecting hair from UV:

“The best UV protectants are leave-in sprays. They last about 12 hours and must be reapplied every day. Some of the best we use are the Dual Senses Goldwell serum sprays.

They’re lightweight, will protect your colour, and moisturise your hair all at once.”


Image: Instagram/@RosieHW

On hair health tips and trick we should try and ASAP …

“My recommendation a is to follow a reasonably clean diet and self-care routine, and invest in a few key products. There are some excellent professional products specifically designed to exfoliate and hydrate the scalp, which fosters a healthy environment for growth, and if you can, get a regular head massage.

“Also, deficiencies in Iron, Vitamin D, Iodine, Zinc and Selenium will most likely have an impact on hair health and growth.

For professional products to use on the hair to encourage growth, Nioxin is an excellent range and worth checking out; we ran some informal trials with our staff, and they reported definite improvements in hair quality and density.”

Do we really need to exfoliate our scalp?

“Yes, you need to exfoliate, but with conditions. While the skin on your scalp is an extension of the skin on your face and requires the same level of attention, the skin on the scalp is NOT the same as the face, and facial exfoliants are not suitable for use on the scalp.

There are specific professional products designed for the hair and scalp that provide cleansing and exfoliation; The Goldwell Scalp Specialist range is excellent.


Summer seems like such an important time to care for the environment (can’t take those gorgeous beaches for granted!). Can you share some insight on your Sustainable Salons practices, and why they’re so important?

“We are extremely proud to be a Sustainable Salon. This means our team of hairdressers are able to recycle 95% of our waste, which is really impressive.

We also try to make as many environmentally friendly choices as possible in areas outside of the Sustainable Salon program, like using our hair clippings in hair booms, which are extremely effective in cleaning up oil spills, and recycling all the foil used for highlights — it’s been estimated that Australian Salons contribute 1.5 million kilograms of aluminium to landfill every year!

The Sustainable Salon program fees are also donated to OZ Harvest, which provides 2000 meals every month.”

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