Still Can’t Get Contouring Right? You Need To Read This …

Forget everything you thought you knew – this is how to contour

Image: Pinterest/Priceline

Contouring can seem a tricky business, but in reality it’s very simple.

And, despite what Kim Kardashian would have you think, it’s a makeup technique that has been about for decades – longer even.

It’s true. Makeup artists and beauty mavens have relied on contouring to trim noses, highlight cheekbones and soften jaws forever and a day and you can too if the idea takes your fancy.

Firstly, a quick explanation of what contouring is. Contouring is simply highlighting the features you wish to bring more attention to while disguising or diminishing those you don’t. And you do that by applying lighter shades of makeup to the areas you want make more prominent and darker shades to those you want to recede.

Yes. It’s that easy. Scroll down for a snappy picture guide.


Image: Pinterest/ Watch Out Ladies.


If you like a more intensely contoured look, you can follow the picture guide below. This technique will provide a slightly more defined effect – your face will appear more chiselled, shall we say. You’ll need to focus on blending, blending, blending.

Do that though and you’ll be good to go. Not to mention beautiful!


Image: Pinterest/ The Beauty Bar


Also – quality products that match your skin tone and blend easily will make this look much easier to achieve.

Why not grab a GF (or three) and have a practice run. And then, hit the streets and enjoy admiring looks from random strangers. You’re sure to get them!

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