Sophie Lost 30 Kilograms And This Is How She Did It

The mama of four is ultimate body goals

Image: Instagram/@Thebod_

Sophie Guidolin has abs so hard you could bounce coins off them. Her butt is the same. Perfectly peach-shaped, smooth and toned. Frankly, it’s the thing dreams are made of. But it wasn’t always so. Sophie gained a whopping 28 kilograms when she was pregnant with her first child and her body was not what it had been. Yes, she was growing a baby, but Sophie wasn’t happy with her figure, nor her health (she had developed gestational diabetes) and once her precious babe was born she got to work. And she dropped not just 28 kilograms – but 30 kilograms – and in the process transformed herself into a lean, mean machine.

She did all that by radically changing her diet and also, committing to a serious weight training regime. Following her success Sophie changed her life altogether. She’s now a dedicated fitness professional and her inspirational training program The Bod, which includes numerous workout and nutritional plans, is quietly transforming the lives (and bodies) of thousands.

This is partly because Sophie experienced her own weight loss journey – meaning she knows exactly what works when it comes to losing weight – and on the contrary – exactly what doesn’t. Here, Sophie explains the difference between the two and along the way, demystifies a swag of popular weight loss myths.


Image: Instagram/@Thebod_


1. You Have To Cut Calories To Lose Kilograms

Food is fuel – cutting calories is like trying to run a car without petrol. You can’t train without energy, says Sophie. If you do, you won’t sleep well, and you certainly won’t get the fitness and physique results you want. “Cutting calories is a no-win game: your body will adapt to your reduced intake and you’ll then need to drop calories AGAIN to shift off a plateau – or you may actually gain weight as your body fights to stabilise,” she says.

2. Then You Must Cut Carbs To Lose Weight

Carbs provide energy – end of story. And without an adequate intake of carbs, you’ll experience lethargy, brain fog, reduced capacity to train and a roaring case of the ‘hangries’, says Sophie. Fruits and veggies are carbs – by avoiding these daily essentials, you’re depriving your body of fibre, micronutrients and a healthy gut biome, she adds.

3. Surely, You Must Cut Fat To Lose Fat

Eating fat doesn’t necessarily make you gain fat. It depends on the source. “Doughnuts and fried foods are not going to help you lose weight, but healthy fats such as oily fish, avocado, nuts and seeds can actually help you lose weight,” says Sophie. This is because they provide satiety (the feeling of satisfaction), hormone regulation and also improve vitamin absorption.


Image: Instagram/@Thebod_


4. Okay, Then You Cut A Food Group …

Wrong again. “Don’t be sucked in by super-shred diets, 7-day detox plans or anything that requires you to cut out entire food groups,” warns Sophie. Nutrition needs to be sustainable for life. If you have to avoid entire food groups to achieve your desired physique, you are going to rebel, blow out and may end up putting on more weight than when you started, she adds.

5. What About Going Vegan, Dairy Or Gluten Free?

Unless you have a dietary intolerance, don’t cut out whole food sources such as gluten or dairy, suggests Sophie. Bread doesn’t make you fat, and milk doesn’t make you fat. It’s what you eat with these base foods that has an impact. As for going vegan to lose weight this can be a tricky proposition.  Why? Because, vegan protein sources such as legumes are high in carbs, which can push you over your daily calorie requirements in order to hit your protein target. “And a diet high in fibre can contribute to bloating, which can make you look bigger than you are,” says Sophie. This doesn’t mean it’s unachievable – but you do need to be mindful of your food sources, she adds.

6. I Can Binge – I’ll Burn It Off Later

Have some bad news for you here. You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you over-eat all weekend, you’ll be sweating for hours in order to negate that calorie intake, says Sophie. Consider this: even if you train at maximum capacity for 60 minutes, you will only burn between 700 to 900 calories. Yet you could consume over 4000 calories in a single takeout meal. Yikes!


Image: Instagram/@thebod_


7. I Can’t Lose Weight Because I’ve Got No Will Power

On this one Sophie is crystal clear. You don’t need willpower, you need a plan. Willpower wavers for everybody, but if you have your meals planned in advance, dinner already made before you hit the post-work commute, and healthy snacks at hand, you’re prepared to succeed. “And if you understand your weak spots – after-work drinks, after-dinner munchies, 3pm chocolate cravings – you can plan around it,” adds Sophie. “Whatever works for you, plan for it.”

8. Snacking Makes You Fat

Oh no it does not. Research shows that eating every three hours helps you lose weight. It also shows that eating three meals a day with no snacks helps to lose weight. Why? Because you can find research to prove any nutrition theory, says Sophie. “But the truth is this – if you make nutritious choices, track your food against your macro goals, and eat mindfully, you’ll achieve the physique you want. Protein powder mixed with oats and water, high protein yoghurt tubs and THE BOD brownies are just three snacks that won’t blow your ‘calorie budget’ while still tempting your tastebuds.

9. Fast Food Is A Sin When You’re Losing Kilograms

It’s true that fast food is not a fast track to weight loss. Everyone knows that. And depending on your goals, you might need to lay off the burgers for a while, says Sophie. “But it is absolutely possible to incorporate burgers, pizza, burritos or ice cream into a sustainable nutrition plan, if you track your macros and account for it. Personally, I love eating out, and have a sweet tooth – I just plan ahead to enjoy my favourite flavours without hindering my fitness or physique goals.”

Sophie has gone onto have three more children making her a proud mama of four. She’s also now a qualified nutritionist, master trainer, gym owner, author and fitness model with numerous titles, most recently taking gold at the Arnold Classic and winning her IFBB Bikini Pro Card.

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