Skincare Made Just For You Is The Answer To All Your Beauty Prayers

We’re going to take a punt and say Y E S

Image: Instagram/@hopandcotton

It’s pretty obvious when you think about it.

A customised skincare regime, designed just for you and your specific issues, is going to be more effective than one made up of products plucked from the pharmacy, supermarket, or department store shelf.

It makes sense, if nothing else.

And while we can’t see you (our site’s not quite that sophisticated – at least, not yet) we can guess what you’re doing right now – nodding in agreement.

Image: Instagram/@Hopandcotton

The foam party, $58 – one heck of a good time. Oh, and a very good cleanser too. We know. We use it daily.

It just stands to reason a skincare regime made up of products customised for YOU is going to be a good one. But we’re not royals or superstars right? And so we have to take our chances and buy our products off the shelf like everyone else. Or do we? Actually – we don’t.

Turns out there’s an online skincare hub that will customise a comprehensive skincare program just for you and not charge you a million to do. Nice eh?

Sure, it took Hop & Cotton founder Ee Ting a decade to come up with and then fully finesse the concept. But that’s because it’s ace. And like they say, magic doesn’t happen overnight – or whatever it is they say that sounds kind of like that.

So back to Ee Ting’s clever clogs concept. How does it work exactly? It’s pretty simple.

Customers log onto the Hop and Cotton site where they answer a handful of questions about their unique skin concerns. A three-step skincare program designed to address specific skin issues is then whipped together.

Roughly five days later that very personalised skincare regime is delivered to your door. Sweet!

Image: Instagram/@Hopandcotton

Sensitive? That’s cool. Hop & Cotton has plenty of products just for you.

Next, you start using your very own range. And you LOVE it. Three to six weeks later (give or take) you are gorgeous and your skin is the best it’s ever been. Hot dates, compliments and free coffees come your way! Okay, so we made that last bit up but frankly, it’s likely.

The stuff is that good. Better still, it’s designed for you! This means that it provides the effects you want (think brightening + moisturising or, maybe smoothing and softening) and in the textures you love. Correct – you can choose between foaming or gel-based cleansers for example. You can even opt for fragrance or fragrance-free.

You can opt for rich body moisturisers or lighter versions and so on, meaning this truly is a customised experience. Like we said, we’re talking quality stuff. It’s also well-priced meaning you can buy a complete range without busting the bank.

All in all, we’re impressed. And we’re pretty certain you will be too.

Hop & Cotton The Smooth Operator Face Exfoliant, $88.



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