Sam Wood On How To Transform Your Body In Just 28 Minutes A Day

Sam Wood says you can and, he’s willing to show us how. Yip!

Image: Instagram/@Samjameswood

Transform your body. Sounds tempting right? I know it does to me. I mean, I like my bod – I really do. It’s seen me through two pregnancies and two natural births, four marathons, countless half marathons and a whole lot of other stuff that’s not even worth mentioning. It gets me through my days and it does not, well, rarely anyway, let me down. In that respect I am absolutely 100 per cent blessed. But would I like to transform it? Damn straight I would.

My inner thighs could definitely do with some work. Same, same with my hips. Hell – even my once-defined shoulders and upper arms need work these days. And who doesn’t want a butt so tight you could bounce coins off it? Wait – just me? Fair enough. But still, you have to admit – hear the word transform and you can’t help but pay attention.

Then how about this … Transform your body and in just 28 minutes a day. Now, I’ve really got you yes? I know I have. And the super cool thing here is that this is no snow job. You can actually transform your body in that short a time. At least, so says the astonishingly fit (and delightfully pretty) Sam Wood. It can be done. And by all of us.

Frankly, when he told me this I had my doubts. So you know – I made him explain. Cause I’m like that … And this is what the transform your body king and former reality TV star had to say.

Image: Instagram/@28bysamwood


So now there’s another workout program … yours. And it’s based around a workout that’s just 28 minutes long. Really? I mean REALLY? That can’t possibly work – can it? And also, what’s different about this one?

There’s a lot of recipes and workouts out there, but in isolation, they’re just recipes and workouts. They don’t help anyone. At 28, we try and understand the emotional and psychological side of getting into shape and we work really hard to help people with that. We don’t just focus on the body, we focus on the head and heart too.

Why 28 minutes?

I believe that 28 really is the magic number. It’s long enough to get results but fits beautifully under that 30 minute psychological barrier that all too often holds us back.

Surely, that’s not long enough to really make a difference? Is it?

So many people think this but when you’re doing a different workout every day you’d be amazed. You cannot deny the results when you see the images of the amazing men and women who are following this program.

Image: Instagram/@28bysamwood



How many times a week do you reckon we need to do this?

I recommend moving our body every day. That doesn’t mean an intense workout. My program offers HIIT, yoga, pilates and active recovery all in only 28 minutes a day.

What role does nutrition play? Can we get away with just the workouts and still eat M&Ms (please say yes!)

Haha. Of course life is all about balance but your nutrition really is as important as your workouts. Our motto at 28 is definitely ‘progress not perfection’ as depriving yourself of everything that you really enjoy will never be sustainable and we definitely don’t believe in that.

Excuse me but I’d like to look like you – well, your abs anyway … how can I have those? Can I have those?

It’s all about efficiency of workouts and maximizing your metabolic efficiency. Push yourself with functional movement and eat real food with good quality protein, good quality fats and limiting refined sugar and processed carbs. I still drink red wine, drink beer, eat chocolate and only workout for 30 minutes a day.. I’m not a gym junkie.

On that, how much can we change what we have? I know, in my heart, I will NEVER have skinny knees or thigh gap … no matter what. What do we have to accept – and what can we change?

This is a great question. I absolutely believe that we should not waste time or energy focusing on things that you cannot change ie: our genetics. However, very few of us come even close to realising our genetic potential. The transformation that almost anyone is capable of is nothing short of amazing.

Image: Instagram/@28bysamwood


What are the majority of us doing wrong? We’re all so overweight now (well, not all, but you know what I’m saying)

Unfortunately with so much information out there, most of us don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Too many of us search for the magic pill or quick fix. My entire philosophy and program is based around people finally being able to understand the right way to get great results. Move every day with quality workouts over long painful sessions and eat real food. Food can still be delicious and you don’t need to count calories. Understand the importance of the mind. This includes motivation, sleep, stress management and accountability.

Is it ever too late?

Absolutely not. No matter what your age or current fitness level I promise you I have worked with someone less fit and older and they have totally turned their life around. The most important step is starting.

How do we adjust our mindset?

This is the million dollar question. You need to discover your ‘why’, write it down and continually remind yourself why you are doing this and how important it is to you. The reality is, some days we will be motivated and others we won’t. Having our ‘why’ front and centre always means we get it done even when we least feel like it.

Image: Instagram/@28bysamwood


And how quickly can we expect to see physical results?

My 28-ers work in 28 day blocks. That’s a long enough period to see significant results, but not so long thatyou’ll become disheartened because the mountain seems too high. It’s all about setting a 28-day goal, achieving it, rewarding yourself, setting the next goal and going again.

How quickly can we expect to see other, maybe less obvious results, and what might they be?

The things you talk about can often happen really quickly. Sleeping better, improved energy, improved focus and productivity, increased confidence, increased self-esteem… the list is endless and even though the physical is often our reason for starting it is more often than not only one of many reasons to keep going.

Image: Instagram/@28bysamwood

Like what you see? Heck knows I do. Which is why I plan to give this fitness program a whirl and ASAP. If you want to do the same simply click here and get started. Let us know how you go. We’d love to share your results which we have no doubt will be epic. Big love and best of luck. Not that you’ll need it of course. XX

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