This brand new razor shaves both ways and well I'll be damned

Schick's latest is a genuine game-changer!

Image: Instagram/@Schickwomenanz

Back in high school hair removal was a hot topic of conversation.

It probably still is. I'd have to ask my kids though ... because I graduated oh, like 20 years back.

Anyway, as I recall, hair removal and how to do it best was one of those conversations that we had in whispers and behind cupped hands and even then only when there were no boys and no adults about.

One very clever invention. The Schick Intuition f.a.b Razor.


We talked the best options - in our opinion shaving and/ or hair removal cream. We didn't have the cash for wax and laser did not yet exist.

Most of us thought razors were the way to go and so that's where we went. We weren't skilled at using them however and we regularly sported bandaids at the ankles and knees and any other bony bits where we tended to scrape too hard and remove skin along with those pesky hairs.

Fast-forward 25 years and a lot has changed. I can now afford the odd waxing session for example. I've even dabbled in a little laser hair removal, but the traditional razor remains my favourite technique. It's just so damned easy. And now with the arrival of the straight-up magical Schick Intuition f.a.b it is even easier.

Why? Because the thing shaves both backwards AND forwards. I know right? Freaking mind-blowing.

Okay. It might not sound it but consider this. When you shave you spend half your time lifting the blade away from the skin and then repositioning it again so that you can shave in one direction. Now, thanks to this baby, you can skip that step and shave in both ways.

Image: Instagram/@Schickwomenanz

Dead sexy legs thanks to this clever razor. Image: Instagram/@Schickwomenanz


Frankly, I am stupid happy about this.

I reckon I save roughly five minutes a shave and as a full-time working, single mama of two rowdy boys and the owner of a swag of ragtag pets anything that saves me precious time is worth celebrating.

The folk at Schick are pretty chuffed with themselves and their brand-new creation too.

"Women are so busy these days but still want to look effortlessly fab, so we wanted to bring them a product that could really deliver," says Edgewell personal care women's shave senior brand manager Jocelyn Carswell.

"We believe it's the best beauty hack around. It's not just a razor - it's a new way of enhancing your beauty routine."

Have to say Jocelyn, I agree whole-hearted. Thing is genius.

Just to be clear - I wasn't paid a cent to write about this razor either. I just honestly believe it's worth talking about. Maybe even celebrating. Bring on the smooth, soft skin and the free time this sweet device brings.

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