Organise Your Bathroom Beauty Cabinet In Five Easy Steps

Organise your bathroom beauty cabinet and life will improve immediately.

Image: Instagram/@Marianna_Hewitt

Organise your bathroom beauty cabinet and life will improve immediately. Seriously. And here's why. Organise and you'll be able to see all of the incredible beauty items you own for starters. You'll also be able to reach and therefore use those delicious products. Plus, a regular (and speedy) organise will see out of date beauty buys tossed which of course will make room for new gear.

Imagine opening a beauty cabinet that looks like this? That's beauty heaven right? Image: Instagram/@Marianna_Hewitt


Here's how to make that beauty dream a reality, says Harriet Griffey, author of I Want To Be Organised (Hardie Grant Books).

As a general rule, store anything that isn't used on a daily basis elsewhere, leaving out only those products you use every day.

Finish items completely before you buy replacements - no matter how tempting that sale may be! Otherwise you will end up with endless half-empty bottles which take up space, look terrible and will make you feel guilty every time you open the cabinet. Oh wait - unless that's just us?

Regularly cull any products that have expired their use-by dates or those you simply never use and also, get rid of unnecessary packaging such as boxes, dishes and so on.

Use drawer or shelf dividers to organise beauty products that are smaller in size and can get muddled and damaged if dumped together.

If space is in short supply, use an over-the-door shoe holder in which you can store and organise items not in every day use.

Organise your cabinet and you may discover you own some gorgeous products you have completely forgotten ever buying! Image: Instagram/@Marianna_Hewitt


And here's a couple of simple tips to organise the bathroom in general. It all counts right?

Over-the-door hooks are perfect for hanging dressing gowns and other clothes as you undress.

Keep a laundry basket in your bathroom. If the room is small a laundry basket will not only help you organise dirty clothes (pop items away immediately rather than leave them lying about), but can make a handy seat.



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