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We know you LOVE beauty. Us too. We’re mad for it. But even we don’t want to work through that many products, tips and treatments before we know what’s worth looking at and, conversely, what to avoid at all costs.
That brings us to The Beauty Insider’s Official Top 10.
This is a list of what we regard as the best new products on counter right this very second.
How do we know these are the very best of the best? Because we have tried and tested every single one. We’ve looked at texture, scent, efficacy and of course, bang for buck.


After all, if you’re going to pay for something then you want it to do what it should and in a truly awesome way. And we promise, hand on our hearts, that this lot provides all that and more.
One thing we think is really important to point out. Not ONE, nope, NOT ONE, of the beauty houses behind these products has paid to be included on this list. It is 100 per cent independently reviewed by us – end of story.
You’re a beauty lover (you wouldn’t be here otherwise) and likely to have your own ideas about what really works and what doesn’t and even why. If there’s a product you absolutely adore, please let us know about it.
Who knows – perhaps we’ll love it just as much and it will make next month’s list.

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