“My Beauty Travel Kit Always Contains These Items”

Because a trip away should make you feel beautiful – and this lot will do exactly that

Image: Instagram/@Visitnorway

Travel is living right? I don’t care if it’s to a suburb you’ve never visited before or the other side of the world. Travel makes everything seem magical and new and I cannot get enough of that feeling. Travel. Even the word makes my heart dance a little.

I don’t get to travel nearly as often as I’d like. But when I do I make the absolute most of every second and I pack the best beauty travel kit in the land. Really. My travel collection is the stuff of legend. And this is why …

When I travel I ensure I have everything that I need and ALSO everything I don’t need but want. There’s two very clear distinctions there. Everything I need means a rich moisturiser that will keep my skin hydrated despite long-haul flights and hotel air conditioning.


For that I love Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe Moisturise-Rich Cream, $105.60, or anything by the personalised skincare line Dermaviduals. It’s personalised see – so I can’t recommend a specific one for you but check it out. You will NOT regret it – promise.

Day-to-day beauty travel also means a quality moisturiser that contains a high SPF but is noncomedogenic meaning it won’t block pores or cause breakouts.


I am obsessed with the New Zealand born and bred range Essano and I particularly like the Rosehip Pure Defence SPF15 Moisturiser, $19.99, but choose the product that suits your skin type. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.


My practical travel choices also include eye drops, lip balm (again with SPF – I am mad for the Rodan + Fields Essentials Lip Shield SPF 15, a bargain at $24 for two), cleansing wipes, a gentle cleansing bar (I adore Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Micro-Algae Pore Purifying Cleansing Bar, $38) and eye makeup remover for sensitive skin. I take a small bottle of moisturising shampoo and two mini bottles of conditioner (I bloody always run out of that stuff!).

But then I also like to toss in some purely frivolous items and for no reason at all, aside from the fact that I firmly believe that all travel should feel special.

Image: Instagram/@Norwaysworld


For example, right this very second I am sitting in a hotel in London mere hours away from boarding a Royal Caribbean cruise which will take me through the fjords of Norway (yes – it is glamorous as it sounds and looks and frankly I can’t freaking believe it either!).

While I am on said cruise I will be hiking through farms and townships, spending time on deck in windy conditions and hopefully taking regular dips in the pool. I also plan to hit the gym and daily.

Given those activities, I could probably get away with the practical travel items only. But like I said, I favour my trips a little on the magical side so here’s what else I packed (alongside the list above) to ensure I have not just a practical experience, but a dead luxe one too. Because like I said, travel … it’s special no?


In my suitcase for this trip (oh, okay – all the trips) I have an SK-II Facial Treatment Mask, $150 (for six), and also, LANCÔME Génifique Hydrogel Melting Mask (4 Piece) $110, as well. I’ll use one every three days and my skin will be glowing and gorgeous.


I’ve also brought along This Works Deep Sleep Night Ritual Set, $49. I am mad about its soothing aromas of lavender, vetivert and sandalwood and the fragranced roller ball and pillow spray duo always provide a peaceful night’s sleep.


Each evening I plan to soak in a hot tub with a liberal amount of French Girl Sea Soak in Rose and Ylang, $26. It’s Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt and dead sea salt softens skin, relieves aching muscles, eliminates toxins and also relaxes the mind.


And finally, there will be Kate Somerville Somerville360 Body Self Tan Towelettes, $70. Why? Because I’m old enough to know a natural tan is nothing but premature ageing and the likelihood of skin cancer. But, I’m still young enough to firmly believe that you never really did travel unless you return to your loved ones golden and glowing.


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