These are the most beautiful women in the world say experts

Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Anne Hathaway plus a few surprise faces.

If there's anyone qualified to name the most beautiful women in the world it's beauty specialists Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan-Smith of The Clinic.

The qualified nurses are co-directors of the celeb favourite non-surgical cosmetic clinic in Sydney's fashionable eastern suburbs and they know beautiful women when they clap eyes on them.

Kaye is adamant that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, it's not hard for her to name the most beautiful women in the world.

Julia Roberts tops her list. Then Sharon Stone. Rounding out her top three most beautiful women - Anne Hathaway.

Lisa has no trouble revealing her choice for most beautiful women in the world either.

Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston take out her top two spots. Number three most beautiful woman in the world - Miranda Kerr.

Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan

Kaye Scott and Lisa Sullivan of The Clinic talking the world's most beautiful women.


The truly lovely thing about that list of names is the age range. Sharon Stone is the oldest of the group at 60. Miranda, the youngest at 35. And before you ask it was a close finish - Anne Hathaway is 36. (We'll save you the Google search, Jennifer Aniston is 50, Julia Roberts, 51, Cindy Crawford is 53).

The point here is that, like Kaye says, beauty is really in the eye of the beholder and accordingly the most beautiful women in the world fall in a wide and varied age bracket. Plus, there's no cut-off age with a 60 year old making the cut. (And while we haven't listed them here - of course, there's plenty of beautiful women who are 60 and over).

It's a sign of the times to some degree with beauty and our ideas around it changing and fast. Of course, Kaye and Lisa are all over that working at the 'coal face' as it were of beauty. They have been heading up The Clinic for 20 years (an extraordinary feat in this business) and during that time have witness astonishing change. Here, a quick run-through of the most dramatic things they've seen in their two decades in the business plus some excellent business tips for would-be entrepreneurs and business women of all ages.

Oh. And there's beauty tips too of course.

Cindy Crawford

Oh Cindy Crawford. True beauty. Image: Instagram/@Cindycrawford.


In that time what kind of changes have you seen in terms of the look we're after?

Back then it was the frozen face look. It was make up first, skin second. Now it’s definitely more about the natural look. Skin first, make-up second . There’s also a much greater awareness about sun damage, it’s affects and how people should manage it.

What kind of breakthroughs have we seen in terms of treatments?

Back then we only had basic glycolic peels, really there were no devices to reduce and remove sun damage and lifestyle affects. There was no skin tightening treatments. Now we have a multitude of ways to remove pigmentation, and tighten skin via collagen remodelling. There’s a multitude of sunblocks, including tinted sunblocks and ones with serums.

Miranda Kerr

The youngest of the world's most beautiful women list - Miranda Kerr. Image: Instagram/@Mirandakerr.


Today, the most popular treatment in your clinic is ...

As part of our initial skin consultation, a very popular treatment is our Cosmedix Blueberry Peel. It’s excellent at exfoliation and doing a deep clean. The most popular anti-ageing treatment is filler for lifting and enhancing the mid face and cheeks.

Most clients are wanting to look ... Fresh, younger, natural and make-up free.

Australian women get it right when they ...  Understand skincare! Everyone knows what’s exactly in their food, so we want to encourage clients to know what’s exactly in their skincare

Australian women get it wrong when they ... Don’t use sunblock and don’t look after their skin. Sometimes people just want their wrinkles gone. It’s not about just that. Think about this. You wouldn’t wear a fantastic designer in a very bad fabric. Why do it with your skincare?

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts - true beauty at 51. Image: Instagram/@Juliaroberts.


Something you wish we all knew is ...  Listen to (the right) people’s advice, get the basics right, know the importance of serums (A & C), don’t neglect your skin.

In the coming five to 10 years you imagine we'll be able to ... 

Tighten skin more effectively. Also, we’re moving away from surgery and invasive treatments and that's sure to continue. It’s about enhancing what’s there and not changing it. Eventually we’ll be seeing laser treating grey hair too!

Injectables will only achieve a more natural effect. There will be even more sophisticated products which will be able to effectively reverse melasma and improvements in treatments for acne and roseacea.

Back when you launched you thought ...

We just went day by day. We had a vision but thought let’s do one thing, get that completely right and build from there. We wanted to provide a service of high clinical standard and were successful based on that.

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway - 36. And stunning. Image: Instagram/@Annehathaway.


Today you look around you and think ...

What an amazing business! We enjoy coming to work, enjoy the interactions with clients, we love seeing people's conditions improve. It makes us so happy to see the brides, the new mums and we have treated generations of clients which is amazing.

Your average client is ...

There is no average! There’s such a range of treatments, therefore no average client. Our clients range from 15 to 85 years.

Tips for women who want to launch their own businesses and still be running them 20 years later ...

  1. It’s really important to have a good support network of family and/or friends. Surround yourself with partners in business who have the same vision.
  2. Be aware that you don’t know everything. What happened 20 years ago in business may not be relevant now. Have the insight and awareness to know that and act upon it.
  3. Focus on your staff - they are your business. Get the right culture and make sure that they are the right fit for it.

Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone - 60 years old and as beautiful as ever. Image: Instagram/@Sharonstone.


And a motto?

Lisa - go hard or go home!

Kaye - you need to be happy and really enjoy what you do. The moment you lose the passion and happiness, you lose your business. Business partnerships are very important, there’s no secret to it, you can’t bottle it. We got the same drive, vision and work ethic. We both grew up in hard-working families and we put in the hard yards.

Please name a woman you think is the MOST beautiful right now ...

Kaye - Julia Roberts remains beautiful to me still to this day. Others like Sharon Stone and more recently Anne Hathaway are beautiful. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Lisa – I love women like Cindy Crawford and Jennifer Aniston. Yes they’ve dabbled in treatments, but everything’s natural. Miranda Kerr is my modern beauty.

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