Model Elyse Knowles On How To Have A Successful 2019

The new year is here and the Aussie swimsuit model has some excellent advice for you!

Elyse Knowles is on an excellent adventure.

The blonde beach babe and model has kicked some epic goals of late and even she will admit to being proud of that. Surprisingly, she's a little shy. She's not the least bit attention-seeking and actually pushing her to list her achievements clearly makes her uncomfortable. And I have to admit I kind of love her for that.

I mean here is the bronzed goddess who has the world at her feet and yet - she has not allowed it to go to her head at all.

Truth be told, she has a few insecurities ... she understands how hard it can be to be back yourself 100 per cent and also, to never doubt you're on the right path. She has, amazingly enough, had a few wobbly moments during her lifetime. Moments of difficulty. Moments of self doubt. And this is partially why she understands and empathises with the rest of us. She's a human. And a big-hearted one at that.

It's not just me who has recognised this of course. Her fans have long clamoured for her and one of the things they have asked for most often is life advice. Correct. Life. Advice.

Elyse didn't really think she had that much to offer. But her agents convinced her she did. And so she sat down and started making notes. A word of advice here, a tip and trick there. And before long she realised she had a book on her hands.

That book, From Me To You - Living Life with Positivity, Passion and Purpose, (Murdoch Books) has hit the bestseller list. Elyse is understandably delighted. And us too. And we figured today, at the very start of a brand new year, would be a terrific times to ask the model and newly-minted author about it.

Elyse Knowles

Elyse Knowles - excited about the sales of her book and 2019! Image: Instagram/@Elyse.Knowles


1. Why a book - there's so many ... how is yours different?

There are so many but everyone has a different point of view to share. Feedback from media interviews and especially my blog was that people wanted to know more so I decided to pop it all into one place. My goal was to hopefully offer something real and supportive for young women - it's something I would have wanted to read when I was younger.

2. You're a natural beauty - to us. Is that how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror or ...

Thank you! I don’t necessarily think that every time I look in the mirror but beauty to me should be natural… allowing your true self to shine rather than being too covered up.

3. If you could go back and tell your 14-year-old self anything it would be ...

Just be yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. We are all unique and completely different and that is something to be embraced. Your time will come …

Elyse Knowles

That body though ... Yep - it's Elyse. Image: Instagram/@Elyse.knowles


4. Your absolute top three skincare tips are as follows:

Take the makeup OFF - let your skin breath.

Always use products with SPF - aside from cancer the sun is also very ageing and prevention is the best answer.

Know what you are putting on your body - do some research into the companies you are buying from to make sure they are looking after you but also the world around you.

5. Makeup tips:

Less is more - enhance your natural state rather that trying to cover everything up too much.

Find what works for you - its easy to be swayed by the latest makeup and beauty trends but its always better to create a look that suits you.

Learn the skill of contouring - its easier than it looks and can really shape your look.

Elyse Knowles

Model extraordinaire and all round ace chick. Image: Instagram/@Elyseknowles


6. Haircare tips:

Find great products - with haircare you really want to find and invest in really good products that truly care for your hair inside and out.

Use treatments - I use a treatment once or twice a week which really helps in keeping my hair strong and healthy

Take care of your scalp - having a scalp treatment regularly can dramatically improve the health of your health and prevent hair loss.

7. You feel your most beautiful when ...

I’ve spent a day at the beach… glowing sun-kissed skin, natural beachy curls and a big smile. I feel most beautiful when I am happy and this is happiness for me.

8. If other women aren't feeling the same about themselves you would encourage them to ...

Tell themselves every morning three things they love about themselves and three things they are grateful for today - it can feel a little corny but it can be very powerful.

Set realistic goals and do your best to stick to them - its not always fun but hard work pays off.

Get inspired - I am constantly motivated by others so find who and what inspires you and let yourself shine.

Elyse Knowles

Elyse - retro and rocking it. Image: Instagram/@Elyse.knowles


9. A secret you have learned from a makeup artist is ...

Skin prep is key. You have to take care of the canvas before the paint goes on.

10. You wish the whole world knew that ...

Australia is such an amazing country and we are SO damn lucky and blessed to live here! We need to appreciate what we have and take care of our beautiful country.

11. In 10 years time you hope you can say that …

I worked hard, tried my absolute best and hopefully have accomplished my dreams. And most importantly I was a good, kind and generous human whilst doing so.

Elyse Knowles

The book - selling like hotcakes and impressing girls and women everywhere.




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