Model Chrissy Teigen Reveals Her Number One Beauty Secret

Quick, simple and with KILLER results

Image: Instagram/@Chrissyteigen

Here’s the unfortunate truth.

I look pretty rough and ready a whole lot of the time.

If I don’t wear makeup, or a quality mascara at the very least, I look as though I’ve been up half, if not all, of the night. Hell, I’m a single mother of two kids – sometimes I HAVE been up half, if not all, of the night.

However, I have a beauty secret and it’s one that works.

Yes, I’m talking about eyelash extensions.

What are they exactly? Individual lashes which are glued onto your own by a specialised lash therapist. They come in both synthetic and natural varieties. You can opt for very long, more curled or even have them attached to the outer eye only for a sexy doe-eyed look.

Having them applied can take anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours (depending on just how many you want to add and what effect you’re going for) but you will strut out of the lash salon an absolute knock-out.


Image: Snapchat/ Chrissy Teigen.

This is something Sports Illustrated model and cook book author Chrissy Teigen has recently discovered. Chrissy, wife of performer John Legend and mama of baby Luna, took to Snapchat recently to offer what can only be described as a public service announcement.

“For those days when you don’t want to be caked with makeup I highly recommend eyelash extensions,” she told the camera while fluttering a set of killer curly lashes.

“They’re awesome. They make you look like you care.”


Image: Instagram/@Chrissyteigen

And she’s bang on the money there.

Aint no mascara ever going to give you the same effect – plus, no need to remove when you stumble to bed of an evening. #WinWin

Amy Jean Linnehan, of Amy Jean Eye Couture, says quality lash extensions will last roughly six weeks. Before you have them a therapist should analyse the shape of your eye, she says.

“That way they can advise you as to which will be most flattering,” she adds.

Tip: Extensions look their best when more natural – we suggest you skip the showgirl versions.

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