Model And Actress Emily Ratajkowski Is The New Face Of Kerastase

And frankly, it’s not hard to see why

Oh Emily Ratajkowski. What to say?

We don’t know her personally. We’ve never met her. Never interviewed her. Never even been in the same room. We don’t actually have any REAL idea of who she is or what she’s like to spend an hour or two with or even what she stands for.

But OMG – the way she looks … that mouth, those chiselled cheek bones, that hair.

She’s a freak of nature let’s face it. And a damn good one.

Image: Instagram/@Emrata


Not surprisingly she’s the face of a bunch of things. But the one we want to focus on is Kerastase, which Emily has been associated with for some time. And why not? If there’s even a teeny, tiny chance using Kerastase products will make us look like her then we are in. End of story.

Now, like we said … we don’t know Emily. But we do know the good people at Kerastase. So we asked them to hit her up with a question or two. And this is how she responded.

Q: How can beauty be empowering?

A: It can be when it’s thought of as an extension of confidence and uniqueness.

Q: How does beauty make women stronger?

A: Confidence in what makes you unique and an appreciation and self love will make you stronger in all that you do.

Image: Instagram/@Emrata


Q: What is your vision of ideal beauty?

A: My vision of an ideal beauty is a woman who is completely her own self.

Q: What is your beauty weapon?

A: I like to feel that I don’t have to worry about my hair – clean and shiny hair that has volume is important to me.

Q: When do you feel most beautiful?

A: When I feel most like myself.

Image: Instagram/@Emrata


Q: How do you feel about your involvement with Kerastase?

A: My hairstylist loves the brand and introduced me to it a long time ago. I’m addicted.

Q: What are you most proud of in life?

A: My wonderful friends and also, my sense of self.

Q: You’re the face so we kind of have to ask you this … your favourite Kerastase product is …

A: I absolutely love the Elixir Ultime Nourishing Oil, $55. I put it on my ends before styling and sometimes I add it all over the lengths of my hair after blow-drying.


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