Makeup Artist Sheri Vegas Reveals The Secret To Her Success

Found her passion and followed it – now it’s your turn

Image: Instagram/@Makeup_weapons

Sheri Vegas is quite something.

The multi-award winning makeup artist is a success in every sense of the word. And by success we mean she can whip up a model-perfect face in moments and better still, make it look like you woke up looking that hot.

Now that’s a talent.

But Sheri isn’t just a makeup wiz. She’s also a serious business woman who through is making the beauty world sit up and listen. Here, she reveals how she’s making that happen and more importantly, how you can too.

Oh, she’s also got a handy makeup tip or three as well. Read and learn beauty babes.

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So this all started when exactly?

Ever since I was young I have loved colours and art. That love evolved into a passion for make-up as well as the importance of beauty care.

From that realisation you did what … 

At school I loved doing my friends make-up, trying out new trends and colours. After I finished school, I knew I would study make-up and purse a career as a make-up artist.
I received my Diploma in Specialised Make-Up Services at the Academy of Make-Up in Brisbane in 2009.

I’ve since won a number of awards including Make-Up Artist of the Year for Viparo and was one of the youngest of 12 finalists announced in the 2014 and 2015 Australian Beauty Industry Awards in the Make Up Artist of the Year category.

I have had the great opportunity to work at London Fashion Week and most recently I created the MakeUp Weapons brand.

Makeup applied with brushes will always look more professional. Image: Instagram/@Makeup-Weapons. Look by @Pattielepugh

Today you are …

At the moment I am busy packing lots of MakeUp Weapons orders as well as handling the day to day management of the brand from stock management, social media to responding to emails. Just the day-to-day stuff.

How did the range itself come about?

When I started in the beauty industry the best brushes were the ones made out of animal hair. I looked into how these were made and couldn’t believe just how cruel the process was and as a makeup artist I didn’t want to be a part of that or use any associated products.

I decided I wanted to make the best possible vegan make-up on the market – and with the quality that other make-up artists wanted to use too.

There are so many products on the market already. Why launch another?

I saw a gap in the market for high quality makeup brushes that are cruelty free. There was a lot of synthetic hair brushes but there wasn’t any that were good enough for a makeup artist like me to use.

How do we pick a quality makeup brush from a possibly shady one?

The best way to tell is by touching it. Is the hair soft? Try testing it on your face and see if any of the hair poke you or feel rough.

Image: Instagram/@Makeup_weapons Look created by @Sarahlaidlaw

Do we really need makeup brushes?

That’s a big yes! They make applying your makeup so much easer and gives you that professional look with your makeup application that you can only ever achieve using a good quality brush.

Can you give me three beauty tips you use yourself?

Always start of with a great skin care routine and products. If you have a great base to work with, applying make-up will be easier.

Wash your brushes! If you don’t wash your brushes bacteria can grow and can cause skin break-outs and also the brushes won’t work as well when they are full of old product.

Last one would be you can not go past a great blending brush. A great blending brush will achieve a smokey eye time, giving you super soft edges to your eyeshadow .

It seems that being an entrepreneur is the way of the future. Agree?

I think it’s always been the way – that’s why we already have so many great brands. I think because of social media we are more exposed to what other people are doing.

How do we as individuals make the leap – we’re all terrified no?

I got told once that you can’t wait till things are prefect, because they will never be so you just need to go for it.  And I did!

Sheri is confident that following your heart and working hard – really hard – will see your dreams come true.

Best way to impress someone in business?

I don’t worry about impressing other people. I focus on what I’m doing and only what I’m doing. I don’t want to spend my time trying to impress others when I could better spend my time working hard and reaching my goals.

Women are terrific in business because?

I think it’s because we work hard and think decision through. We don’t just think about the short-term goals but are always thinking about the future.

But they do need to look out for …

Sometimes I think we care too much about what others will think of us and we wait instead of going out there and seizing an opportunity. Men get told that they are go getters and women get told that they are bossy. But I’m fine with people thinking that I’m bossy if that means I will have a successful business.

Brushes, Big, small and everything in between but always vegan for Sheri.

What’s the next big project for you?

With the success of the brushes I have started to look more into cosmetics and how to incorporate them into the Makeup Weapons brand. I know it will be a lot of hard work but I want I would only want to bring out high quality cosmetics that I would be happy to use – so that means lots of hard work for me.

Where do you see the beauty industry in 2018?

I think you will see the a lot of smaller brands taking on the big beauty giants. Online shopping and social media has really changed the game giving the boutique brands a chance.

What style of makeup do you most love?

Makeup that highlight a woman’s beauty and gives her the confidence to take on the world.

And finally, please finish this sentence. You love the world of beauty because …

It lets me express myself like nothing else does.

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