Luxury Skincare Range Lionia Is Going To Make You Glow

Luxury line Lionia has everything you need, want, maybe even dreamed of.

Luxury skincare line Lionia has been decades in the making. First came the concept, then the extensive development of the line's ethos and of course, pain-staking research and development, all of which was lovingly poured into each and every product.

And I'm here to tell you every minute was worth it - and then some.

I know this because right this very second I am luxuriating in Lionia Caviar Rejuvenating Serum, Lionia Caviar Wrinkle Defense Repair Essence and the Lionia Caviar Revitalizing Face Cream and I swear I can literally feel my skin drinking in the rich, restorative ingredients. Seriously. Oh, and I'm pretty certain my eyes are getting younger too.

Yes - this is because I also have the Lionia Caviar Revitalizing Eye Cream soothing and softening the fine lines around my eyes. Okay - I am greedy for results ... I'll admit it. But can you blame me? No. Of course you can't. Anyway - back to this serious luxury line.

I'm yet to try the Lionia Caviar Age Defying Mask ... but oh I will. I promise you.

The Beauty Insider LOVES ... Lionia. Every last piece. But the essence is a standout.


In the meantime, I swear I can feel the products I have applied doing their luxury thing.

Okay, it is possible I am imagining that. I only finished applying each product half an hour ago ...

But I do know I am not imagining how my skin feels - which is categorically soft, smooth and lovely - and I've no doubt that in the coming days and weeks I will be showing off incredible results that will be visible to the eye - and not just mine.

How can I be so confident my skin will soon be looking its absolute best? Well, the fact is these beautifully-packaged luxury products contain ingredients that are clinically proven to be deeply efficacious and undeniably powerful. And that's just a fact.

The super luxe Lionia Caviar Age Defying Mask comes in a set of five.


Those ingredients include rich caviar extract, anti-inflammatory marine plants and collagen peptides, all of which have been shown to deeply condition, smooth and hydrate the skin.

The products also include powerful levels of sodium hyaluronate, bladder wrack marine extract, vitamin E and C and aloe vera leaf oil - also proven to improve skin's tone and texture.

So like I say, within weeks I will be looking younger, smoother and more lovely. And frankly, I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, I intend to keep applying these gorgeous products because even in the short-term they feel utterly amazing. And who doesn't need a bit of that in their life?

Stay tuned friends. I'll be back to show off my results and, more importantly, to tell you where you can buy these beautifully-made, powerful products. Yes, they're so new to the market we don't have those details yet but it's a matter of days only. Be patient! We'll be back. Promise.

NB: This is a SPONSORED post brought to you by Lionia and The Beauty Insider.







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