Dear Santa, Here's Some Crazy Expensive Beauty Buys I Must Have For Christmas

I am not a Kardashian and I can't afford these things ... but I want them. End of.

Dear Santa,

I'm not that good. Well, I'm okay-ish. I try. Does that count?

Yes? I hope so. Because like I say, I'm not that good. But damn if there isn't a whole lot of beauty buys I seriously need / want / need this holiday season.

So, as per above, I've not been exactly, by the book super, super good like. But I have been kind of nice and fairly often. I think. Oddly, I did not make a billion dollars this year (I know - I am STUNNED also) and so, I am relying on you to bring me the following ridiculously awesome beauty buys.

All of them. Okay even one of them would be truly appreciated.

And if not - that's cool too. Really. In all honesty, I know there are plenty of folk more deserving of me and probably better things to invest in but again - HOLY H!

This stuff is so ace. I'm sorry. I'll take a breath. But just posting about here is giving me a bit of a thrill.

Hopefully it will do the same for you guys ... 

Happy holiday beauty dreaming!

Byredo Hair Mist

First cab off the beauty rank - these mini perfumes for perfuming hair. Yes. That's right. Scent to perfume your hair. We are that fancy now.

Each Hair Perfume (good god I am snorting with laughter even writing that) combines one of BYREDO's signature scents with a unique silicone and polymer formula to create a light, invisible veil designed to leave the hair nourished and luminous whilst divinely scented.

Yes, you may now enjoy the uplifting power of long lasting scents as they subtly diffuse throughout the day, amplified by the natural movement of your bouncy, bouncy locks. I'm being a little silly here but seriously - I want these perfumes. And ASAP.

Byredo Hair Mists Mini Woody Kit, $148.

Chanel Collector's Bottle

Chanel No 5 EDP, $278.

For a VERY limited time Coco Chanel's famed fragrance Chanel No 5 will come in a glorious red bottle as seen above. The scent is exactly the same - that is to say it has top notes of lemon, mandarin and orange soar. It also contains rose, airy jasmine and a new fraction of ylang-ylang, making it just that little bit more modern. Behind this floral whirlwind, vetiver and cedar impart a novel dynamism, softened by white musk notes.

But most of all - that bottle. I MUST HAVE IT.

Diptyque is the holy grail of candles. We all know that. It has to be because why else would they give it a name that nobody can pronounce. Well, not nobody. I mean I can pronounce it (It's DIP-TEEK by the way). But that's because I am important and work in beauty (this is a joke - just in case. I mean I do work in beauty, but I am the absolute antithesis of important).

Anyway, the name is French and beauty interns screw it up on the daily, which is always fun to us old hacks who have been in the business since before they were born. Anyway, this gorgeous French brand has released a mini set of 12 of its uber luxe candles and again, I need to own it. Like now.

Please refer to the image and link below.

Diptyque Mind Candle Set

Diptyque 12 Mini Candle Set, $226.

Oh my skin is ageing as we speak, well, while I type anyway. And I don't like that. Not one bit.

I'll tell you what I do like though. All things La Mer. Like ALL things! I would bathe in it if I possibly could. I do love the creams but if there's one product I am truly demented about it's the concentrate. More specifically La Mer The Concentrate (50ml), $710.

La Mer The Concentrate

I don't even know what's in it. Not really. 

Apparently it contains a high concentration of The Miracle Broth™, an elixir that's said to work to boost the skin's natural repairing process. Special barrier repair ingredients act as lipid "cellular cement" to help strengthen vulnerable skin while the anti-oxidant properties of Lime Tea Extract help protect skin too. Whatever - I LOVE it.

It feels genuinely glorious on and I swear - nothing comes close. And I want another. More. All of them.

Now, Advent calendars ... I mean who doesn't want one of those for the month of December? I know I do. And I know which one too. And, surprise, it's not the Lego or the Kinder Surprise version, although TBH both have their merits.

No. I have my eye on the Jo Malone Advent Calendar because, quite frankly, it is MAGIC.

Jo Malone Advent Calendar

Like all Advent calendars it provides a gift for each day of December - well, until the big day rolls around of course. Unlike the others which are filled with fluff and nonsense, every day of the Jo Malone London version is opened to reveal a perfect miniature Jo M classic. Swoon. There's all my ahem I mean your fave scents. Candles. Body creams and oh I am weeping.

Like, I say. Need. It is rather pricey though so ... #just saying. Still, someone has to have one right? Might as well be me.

Jo Malone London Advent Calendar, $670.

There's likely plenty more dead luxe beauty buys I must have in my life, but I am going to leave this Christmas list here for now. Because Santa - I am not greedy like those other girls. No, no, no. I am better than them. By a long shot.

I am not greedy BUT deserving. Very, very deserving. At least I'm hoping you think so.

Love, Kelly. XXX


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