Luma Liquid Light Is The Top-Selling Illuminator In Priceline

Here’s why …

Image: Instagram/@Lumabeauty

Luma Liquid Light Illuminating Primer is quite the thing. And I am mad for it. Legit MAD for it. But before I get into exactly why, let’s talk primer in general and also, why it’s so damn important in the first place.

In case you’re brand new to this primer business, here’s the deal. It goes on after your moisturiser and before your makeup. Why apply it at all? Well, primer smooths skin meaning that any teeny-tiny lines and or open pores and so on are covered. That way, your foundation has a lovely, flawless surface to adhere too. Bonus number two – your foundation will stay in place for longer as it has something to stick to. This is what the kids call WINNING. This means it’s very, very good.


Put it on, change your life. Well maybe – definitely your skin. Image: Instagram/@lumabeauty


Now, primers come these days come with a variety of extra features. Some reduce oil and shine – some hydrate while some add a beautiful hint of glow. And this is where the one by Luma comes in. The Luma Liquid Light Illuminating Primer does all of the above AND gives skin the most lovely hint of shimmer.  I cannot get enough of it. And it turns out I’m not the only one. Priceline stats show that this Australian beauty brand’s Illuminating Primer is the best-selling primer in store across the country.

When you consider that means it is regularly beating out primers by NYX, Innoxa and Maybelline you start to get just how impressive that is. It’s also a massive accomplishment for model and former Victoria’s Secret angel Jess Hart who is the brainchild behind the brand.

If you like a primer with a hint of youthful glow, this is an awesome one to try.



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