Got Pimples? Lemon Myrtle Will Sort Them!

It's 100 per cent natural but this ingredient is a powerhouse.

Image: Instagram/@Enaproducts

We love a natural beauty product and accordingly, we're all about a natural beauty ingredient - especially if it actually brings something to the table. And here's the truth of the matter - Lemon Myrtle does.

Indeed, it bring plenty says Lindy Lloyd, creator of ENA Products, many of which contain this all-natural powerhouse ingredient. In a nutshell ...

Why lemon myrtle?

Lemon myrtle not only has a fresh lemony scent that is refreshing, it’s quite a powerful cleanser that can help ease acne and other skin conditions.

Who is it good for?

Lemon myrtle is great for most skin types, particularly for oily and combination skin, however for sensitive skin it should be diluted with a carrier oil.


The beauty of natural ingredients, including lemon myrtle. Image: Instagram/@Enaproducts.


How and why does it help with acne?

Lemon myrtle does more than just cleanse. It can reduce clogged pores and balance oily skin. While it’s cleansing, lemon myrtle oil helps balance your skin’s natural oils (which can often lead to break outs).

It also can reduce the appearance of pores, which is a plus for combination and oily skin types. Overall, it is an effective natural cleanser with antibacterial qualities which can assist in clearing up break outs.Where does the lemon myrtle come from?

Lemon myrtle is a tree that grows in the subtropical rainforests of central and southeastern Queensland in Australia. The plant has evergreen leaves and white flowers that grow in clusters. The oil comes from the leaves, which give off a lemony smell when crushed. Lemon myrtle is the highest natural source of ‘citral’, a compound that gives off a citrus scent and has strong cleansing properties.


Lemon myrtle - a powerhouse ingredient that provides many benefits. Image: Instagram/@Enaproducts.


How did you discover it?

I studied plant-based and essential oils from a therapeutic angle, under respected teachers who taught me how to create and produce nutrient-dense natural creams, oils and ointments. I spent time looking into what oils were most pleasing to the senses, while at the same time making skin look and feel amazing.

Lemon myrtle is said to be uplifting and stimulating. When used in aromatherapy, it can help restore that spring in your step.

I discovered this beautiful oil when I developed and refined my range over a decade ago, before Ena Products was launched.

A last word from us - bottom line - stuff works. And it's natural. Fully and completely. That's a find. And a damn good one. You're welcome!

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