Is this the anti-ageing treatment we've all been looking for?

We're calling it - and the answer is YES!

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Growing up is excellent and on many, many fronts. It provides you with confidence, perspective and an excellent sense of what really matters - and, on the flip side, what really doesn't.

Being mature means knowing who's got your back, that ice cream is always worth eating and that mean girls from school never die - they just grow up and become mean girls at the office. That's all good stuff to know. Good powerful stuff.

What's not so great about growing up - fine lines and wrinkles. The odd visible pore or three. Sun spots. However (don't you love that word!) these days there are treatments that can remove all of those issues and also, boost collagen meaning that your skin is left utterly flawless and also youthful and fresh.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley

Want a Rosie glow? Fraxel can get you there. Image: Instagram/@Rosiehw

One of the best treatments to get you there is Fraxel This laser treatment is relatively painless (okay - it hurts but only a little and if you use numbing gel beforehand barely at all) and it's quick too. You get to lie down throughout - something grown-up women always love - and, if you're lucky, you can even watch a little Netflix on the clinic iPad. Frankly my most recent Fraxel treatment was more enjoyable than many holidays I have been on and definitely most dates.

It also left my skin AMAZING.

Okay, so I left the clinic looking very pink and a little swollen. But by the next day that had eased completely. The day after I was a touch on the sand-paper side of the things. Yes, my skin felt rough.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Okay so the features are all Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's so you can't have those. But you can get her skin. Image: Instagram/@Rosiehw

The day after a teeny bit of peeling. The day after that - well, I don't mean to brag but damn. I looked GOOD. And, three months later, I still do. My skin is fresh and genuinely dewy. I may be in my 40s but I have that Instagram girl glow. And I am straight-up happy about it.

Would I get the treatment again? Absolutely. Do I recommend you give it a try? Yes, yes and another yes just for fun. I'm not a skin therapist (obviously) but I have been a Beauty Editor for more years than I care to count and I know a quality treatment when I see (have?) one. And Fraxel is it.

Kelly Baker

Beauty Director Kelly Baker - in her 40s and feeling fine thanks to this deeply effective treatment. Image: Instagram/@The_beautyinsider


Like to know more? Scroll down for details - from real skincare professional Sylvia Down, Skin Renu Practice Manager - because hey, I can only provide so much.

The Facts

How does Fraxel work on the skin?

Fraxel is a laser. It works by creating thousands of microscopic channels in the skin. This results in the body stimulating the formation of new collagen. On the surface, sun damaged cells are replaced with fresh, glowing skin. Fraxel relies on the body’s own healing response to the laser to improve the skin.

How long does the treatment take?

We numb the surface of the skin with a topical anaesthetic for an hour and the treatment for the face would take approximately 35 mins.
How long does it take to see results?

After 3-7 days your skin’s surface feels softer and looks smoother, and the pigmentation you had is either gone or reduced. However, over the following 3-6 months your skin’s appearance continues to improve as Fraxel stimulates the formation of new collagen, further smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Before and after Fraxel

Real life results ... #impressive.

What skin types would Fraxel be suitable for?

Fraxel suits many skin types as the settings can be adjusted.

What age range would be best suited to experiencing Fraxel?

The treatment is suitable for all adults depending on the reason for Fraxel. Some of the younger adults are wishing to address acne scars. Older adults are more concerned with fine lines and pigmentation.

Why would you experience a Fraxel instead of an alternative laser resurfacing skin treatment?

Fraxel has long been the Gold Standard in skin resurfacing.

Fraxel before and after

Sunspots today - and yet gone tomorrow. Thanks Fraxel.

Do I need to have a consultation prior to treatment?

Everyone should have a consultation prior to treatment. Your needs and expectations need to be assessed and the treatment explained. Not everyone is always suitable, even some medications can exclude treatment.

Are there any products I should use pre and post treatment?

You will get a better treatment if your skin is prepped prior to Fraxel. The use of a gentle chemical exfoliant such as an AHA/BHA serum prior and some darker skin types benefit from a tyrosinase prior to Fraxel as these skin types can experience Post Inflammatory Pigmentation (PPI). After treatment it is important to use only what your treating practitioner recommends as the skin needs to be hydrated with suitable gentle soothing products while your body works to give you radiant skin.

Woman laughing

Heck yes you'll be laughing when you see how amazing you look! Image: Instagram/@Fraxelaus


What does the treatment feel like?

Fraxel feels like warm to hot gentle prickles over the skin. The anaesthetic makes it tolerable. After it wears off, your skin will feel hot and rather tight. Over the first 2-3 days, your skin will develop a sandy feel with a slight bronzed appearance. This will then flake and exfoliate naturally to give you fresh smooth skin.

How long is the treatment downtime/recovery period?

Downtime depends on your skin concern. Those that have the treatment focusing predominantly on rejuvenation purposes (for fine lines etc.) have a little swelling for the first day. This improves after waking as you begin to move around. Downtime is 3-5 days. Those who have the treatment with a focus on pigmentation can expect downtime of 5-7 days, sometimes even a couple of days more depending on the levels used and the amount of pigmentation.

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