Lady Gaga Is Back On Instagram And She Has The Prettiest Ombre Peach Hair

She’s back and she’s more beautiful than ever before thanks to her soft, sweet peachy locks

Image: Instagram/@ladygaga

Lady Gaga is the master of reinvention.

She rarely looks the same for more than week or two at the most and if there’s one feature she likes to revamp on the regular it’s her hair. She’s often blonde, sometimes brunette, occasionally purple, at one point a glorious silver (that was pretty awesome) and today – the most gorgeous shade of peach.

Image: Instagram/@ladygaga


The musician and performer showed off her incredibly sweet locks on Instagram after a two-week long hiatus which was prompted by the death of her close friend Sonja Durham, who recently passed away from cancer. In the post Gaga rocked seriously long, poker straight beautiful peachy strands that made her look even more lovely than usual.

She showed off the new shade that we think might very well be THE colour of 2017 and thanked her fans for their love and support in the days following the death of her friend.

Image: Instagram/@ladygaga


“Just wanted to say a loving thank you to monsters and fans of @sonjad7777 all over the world,” she posted.

“I’ve been resting since I wrapped filming, and I have begun to further process all that has taken place … It is not how many followers you have, how skinny or beautiful by other people’s standards that matters. Truly, it’s the best parts of you on the inside that you choose generously to share with your sister or brother that makes you beautiful. That’s what counts. That is your legacy. That is how you leave your mark. Transferring your positive energy to those around you, and watching it multiply.”

Whether her new colour is due to Lady Gaga’s loss remains to be seen. The star did not mention her colour or what drove her decision but it’s well documented that a personal crisis and a new look go hand in hand.

Either way, she looks amazing and she seems to be coping in the best way she knows how – by sharing her feelings honestly and openly. We hope she continues to be brave and keep at it. No doubt Sonja would have wanted it that way.


Image: Instagram/@ladygaga


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