Kristin Ess Hair Products Have Hit Australia! Hurrah!

The cult hair range is finally here and better still - you can actually afford it.

Hair guru Kristin Ess is a celebrity favourite and when you meet her in person it's easy to see why. The first thing you notice is she's tall, unusually so. Next thing - she's the proud owner of one stunning red mane. Like STUNNING. Rich and red and as glossy as mirror. Her skin is creamy and her smile is wide and genuine. Her green eyes sparkle. Woman is impressive to look at - no doubt. Oh and she's also dead famous. Did we mention that? Cause she is. But back to Kristin herself.

Despite the height, the famous locks, the A+ vibe and the undeniable celeb status, Kristin isn't one little bit intimidating. In reality, she's exceedingly warm and approachable. The truth of the matter is this - she may be a hair industry legend, but meet her and you'll forget all that and think nothing but this - I wonder if Kristin is free for martinis on Friday night because heck she's fun and damn if we wouldn't have a good time getting excessively messed up together.

The woman herself. Yes - it's Kristin and whoah. Those locks. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness

It's impossible to put into words, but whatever IT is, Kristin has it. LOTS of it.

You probably know her name, but in case you don't know all of the details connected to said name let me fill you in.

Kristin is a hair stylist. More to the point she's THE stylist for some very famous faces and the creator of one epic hair range. And that range is (huzzah!) available in Priceline from this very second onwards. Featuring 14 products, including shampoos, conditioners, dry and wet stylers and a mask, Kristin Ess Hair is available and now. That's good news - really good news. Because this S*&T is excellent. Understandably we're excited. Kristin too.

"I am so incredibly excited to be launching my haircare range in Australia," she says.

"I feel like Australia was the next natural stop for me after launching in the US, because I see so many similarities between California 'cool girl hair' and Australian hair. It’s relaxed, undone and perfectly imperfect so I can’t wait to see how Australians respond to my range and the easy to use products."

Kristin Ess Hair ranges from $19 to $25. It is exclusive to Priceline. Learn more here.


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