Kim Kardashian West Is A Mama Of Three And DAMN: That Body

The woman is incredible – like INCREDIBLE

Image: Instagram/@Kimkardashianwest

Kim Kardashian West is a force of nature. That’s undeniable. And love her or loathe her you’ve got to admire her chutzpah. Seriously. The elder Kardashian sister is now a mama of three and sure, her youngest was carried by a surrogate, but she carried those first two babies and heck – those famous Kardashian curves are still as impressive as ever. Maybe more so.

Don’t believe us? Ladies and Gentlemen … may we present to you Exhibit A) – Ms Kardashian’s latest Instagram post.

The post was shared to promote the eldest of the Kardashian babes latest fragrance KW Body being back in stock. And you know why it’s BACK IN STOCK? Because it sold out- almost immediately. This is the power of the Kardashian name. Is it any good? Well, here’s the deal. We genuinely LOVE it. Does that mean you will? Impossible to say. You’re going to have to get a hold of a sample and sniff it good.

Something to bear in mind however. The vast majority of celebrity fragrances such as Kim Kardashian’s come out of the same fragrance houses that produce the most famed scents in the world. They’re also often produced by the same deeply experienced and talented ‘noses’ – that is, fragrance professionals. So don’t go turning your nose up (pun intended) before you actually give it a whirl. Like we said – we love it. Perhaps you will too.

NB: If you do find you fancy it, you might like to consider KW Beauty – also, pretty damn impressive. Nice work Ms Kardashian. We salute you and your beauty ranges – and damn girl, those curves.


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