Jade Rollers For Skincare: Awesome Or Crazy? Kristina Ioannou Investigates

Jade rollers are everywhere right now. In mags (yes, they […]

Jade rollers are everywhere right now. In mags (yes, they still exist – amazing!) and everywhere on social media too. Indeed, influencers are saying that jade rollers are behind their perfect glowing complexions and sure – it seems plausible, but to be honest but we weren’t 100 per cent convinced. And so we decided to investigate … And this is what we discovered. Ready? Let’s go.

What exactly is a Quartz Crystal Roller?
Jade rollers are the ultimate holistic beauty tool as they can support us energetically, emotionally and physically, say those who love them. But why? Well, apparently a quartz massage wand or roller helps to amplify the energy of your skincare and assists in clearing energetic blocks in your aura or meridians, in turn raising your own vibration and energy levels. Um … Okay. That’s cool – what’s more interesting however is it makes your skin glow. For real.

Depending on the type of crystal quartz roller you have, you will also benefit from the specific healing properties of that stone.


Why do we need it?

Therapeutically using a massage tool regularly as part of our skin care routine will help to stimulate circulation and collagen production, support lymph flow and assist the absorption of skin care products, says Alison Gallagher of Alyssum Alchemy. If we’re going to invest in high quality and potent skincare (which we really should be doing) we might as well get the most out of them by incorporating techniques to maximise their potency.

Using a facial roller or wand immediately after applying a nourishing all natural facial oil onto to clean skin will assist the vitamins and botanical actives to penetrate deeply into the dermis of the skin, which the layer of skin just below the surface level, says Alison.

Why is it so beneficial to mature skin?

As we age our body produces less collagen. That’s a bummer because it’s this stuff that makes skin plump and youthful. Collagen is critical to skin health, elasticity and resilience and is the primary protein found in our skin and connective tissues. With diminished collagen comes deeper lines and a less plump or firm complexion, explains Aliosn. Facial massage is believed to improve circulation which in turn can help to boost slowing collagen production. Increased circulation will also help to boost skin radiance, tone and suppleness through increased blood flow and help to clear toxins through lymphatic drainage. So again – win win.



What are the wellness benefits?

Using a beautiful crystal massage tool can also become an act of mindfulness, says Alison. It forces us to spend a few minutes quietly focusing on ourselves with conscious intent and can become a sacred ritual in itself. And we’re so here for that.

“The more mindfulness practices we can bring into our day the less stress we will experience,” says Alison.

“Stress hormones can significantly impact the ageing process as cortisol (the major stress hormone) is believed to contribute to muscle and collagen loss. Stress also drains us of vitality and positivity and yet a few minutes of ‘me time’ massaging our face with gorgeous crystals while we soak up the healing energy and maximising the properties of our skincare can only improve our complexion, stress levels and overall wellbeing.”



And you use it like this …

Always start with clean skin and lots of facial oil to ensure your skin is lubricated, says Alison.

Using gentle upward strokes start from the jawline to infuse your chosen facial oil deeply into your skin with a relaxing and cooling facial massage using the smooth contours of your crystal roller. Across the forehead gently work crossways to help soften the muscles which cause us to frown.
You can also use a quartz roller to help release tension from your jaw, temples and neck; massage over inflamed sinus or use trace your meridians. Also the cooling effect of rolling a cold stone over the skin can calm inflammation and soothe irritation.

One last thing … this clever little invention is especially good for puffy eyes, particularly if you use it after it has been in the fridge for a few minutes.

NB: Keep away from water and wipe with a clean damp cloth after using, and dry thoroughly before storing to avoid the metal components from rusting. Be sure to handle your quartz roller with care as crystals are delicate and can be easily chipped or broken if dropped.




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