How To Use Micellar Water And Why You Should

If you’re not already using the genius that is micellar water then it’s high time you did

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Micellar water is a bloody gift and if you’re not using it then you’re missing out. And I’m not the only one who says so either. Sneak a peek into any professional makeup artist or skincare therapist’s beauty kit and you’ll more than likely see a bottle of this clever little product stashed inside. That’s because it’s genuinely ace. And here’s why.

This famed French product might look like water and feel like it too, but in truth it’s far, far more than that.

You see, micellar water is called such because it’s jam-packed with tiny molecules called micelles. These clever little mofos are attracted to dirt particles which they cling to and then break down. Accordingly, if you soak a cotton ball in micellar water and gently swipe it all over your face, you’ll have skin that feels soft and smooth and is seriously clean too. Yes. Just like that.

There are other bonuses too. Most micellar waters contain only very mild surfactants such as glycerin and many also boast hydrating ingredients too. This means that while they’re perfectly capable of cleansing thoroughly, they never strip the skin of its natural protective oils nor leave it feeling it dry and/or tight.



And because they do not need to be rinsed off beneficial ingredients designed to tone and smooth and also hydrate don’t end up being washed down the drain. And before you ask the answer is yes. There are even micellar waters that will remove the most stubborn of waterproof makeup.

But here’s the real reason I adore micellar waters? They cut out so many steps meaning that I can keep my skin in awesome, glowing condition with very little effort at all. I’ve got two kids. Two dogs. A cat. A tendency towards anxiety and over-dramatising and F – that sucks up some time friends. A LOT in fact. I’d love to bore you with the rest but I won’t – let’s put it this way … I have a lot to juggle. Given that, the last thing I need is a complicated skincare regime and micellar water means I don’t have one. If anything my skin is fresh and lovely with very little effort at all. In my world that’s a major win.


You can snap up these babies at pharmacies, supermarkets and skincare speciality stores. I’m a big fan of La Roche-Posay Micellar Water Ultra For Sensitive Skin which you can pick up for just $26.95. Bioderma H20 Micelle Solutions are also excellent – so excellent that somewhere in the world one is sold every two seconds. My friends with acne prone skin particularly like the Oily Skin version – Bioderma Sebium H20 Micelle Solution. Another reason to sample the Bioderma Micellar range – the price was just dropped by 50 per cent. Yep – it’s now half price with the 100ml size just $10.99. And I don’t know about you but F – I love a bargain.

For those who like the skincare high-end there’s even a La Mer Micellar Water. I have to admit I am very partial to this one, but it does cost $112 so you know, it ought to be pretty darn good and I can tell you, hand on heart, it is. If you’ve got the cash to spare buy it. And if not, tell someone else to do it for you! Shoplifting isn’t cool – #justsaying.



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