How to change your life for the better and ASAP!

Simple, easy and effective tips to improve your life (so you can be happy now)

Life. It would be delightful if it were a joy 24-7 but damn ... it isn't. Well, not always. At least not in my experience.

In fact, if you ask me, it can be a total punish. Modern life is stressful - incredibly so - and does seem to be getting tougher, especially in what can only be described as an increasingly toxic and polluted environment. But stress and difficulties can be tackled. Beaten even. That is, if you do the work.

Yawn. I know. I don't like to work either! Especially on myself. But this kind of work is so beneficial, will bring such awesomeness to your day, every day, that it's worth every moment. Promise. And to be honest it's not even that hard. Not really.

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Water, water is good for you. Drink some - do it now. NOW! Image: Instagram/@Svenchristianphoto


Indeed, according to Rose Smith, who runs Absolute Soul Secrets, a spiritual and psychic network, boosting your self esteem and feelings of happiness can be as simple as regularly taking stock and reviewing your overall spiritual health. It sounds a little kooky, maybe even dramatic, but as Rose explains, it's pretty easy really. 

“Self-development is about identifying what is and isn’t working for you right now and being confident in making some positive changes toward a better you,” she says.

“Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are all in too much of a hurry to practice patience.

“If you are open to self-analysis, you’re more likely to be open to committing to, and making changes in your life that will ultimately result in living a more spiritually enriched existence.”

Did you take that in? A more spiritually enriched existence which translates to happy you! Sweet! However ... there's that work stuff I mentioned. Sorry.

Woman with pink heart

Think yourself happy, think yourself well. You can do it. Image: Instagram/@Life.with.three


“In order to be self-aware, you need to be aware and acknowledge what’s going on in your life,” says Rose.

If you're not sure where to start Rose suggests simply asking a question about a topic you're concerned about and then, sending that question out to the universe. Then, simply wait for the answer.

“It might not come immediately or in the way you anticipate, but if you are open, the answer will eventually come in one way or another," says Rose. But it needn't be painful.

“Being honest with yourself doesn’t mean always being self-critical and concentrating on the negatives in your life. It’s more about awareness and addressing both strengths and weaknesses.”

It sounds a little weird and that's probably because it is. But with practice it will start to feel more normal and, better still, it will work!

It will be even more effective if you try the following tips, says Rose.

Crystals with woman

Sure it seems kooky, but it works. Promise. Image: Instagram/@Itsbechansen


First, see if you can lengthen the time between thoughts and try to make your mind a clean slate.

Perhaps imagine a waterfall washing all your thoughts away down into a fast-flowing river, or imagine your thoughts going out up into the sky in thought bubbles, far away from you, suggests Rose. Hopefully this will allow you to clear your mind and allow positivity to flow.

“When you sit and observe your own energy rather than focusing on others, you will become aware of the beauty of your own soul and spirituality," she says.

“Connecting with yourself spiritually is about being your true self without doing anything or thinking anything. You can connect with your own energy and just feel it. Then later you will be able to learn about the areas of your life that are no longer helping you move in a smooth and positive direction.”

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Think hard, think deep. It might just change your life. Image: Instagram/@Shannonjademetcalfe


You will need to be patient with this process. Why? Because it might not work straight away. But keep trying. You will get there, says Rose.

"Being patient with yourself during this process is very important," she says.

"This time also allows you to acknowledge what these areas, issues, experiences, habits, people, beliefs, addictions represent to you, and why they are holding you back from achieving happiness and fulfilment.”

“Remember, you have sifted the good from the not-so-good and decided what to keep. This means you are happy to work with and focus your attention in and on these areas.”

Give it a whirl. I am and incredibly enough it is working. Watch this space. And if something super exciting happens let us know! We love your stories - especially the positive ones.

My Tribe Type

Care for yourself physically will help you mentally too. Image: Instagram/@Mytribetype


Here, a few further tips from Rose on why self care and self reflection is such an important practice.

Spiritual: The spiritual realm is the foundation for good physical and mental health - it sets the tone for your entire life.

Mental: Take regular time out from thinking to maintain good health. Being is just as important as doing or thinking.

Emotional: In an appropriate place and at an appropriate time, allow yourself to really feel whatever you are feeling.

Physical: The body is the dwelling place of your spirit, maintain good housekeeping and keep your temple clean and properly functioning to help you feel good about yourself.

Rose has been running the Absolute Soul Secrets network of psychics throughout Australia and overseas for the past 19 years. Prior to that she worked as a counselor in a local women’s health centre and taught ethics and counseling at Southern Cross University. Rose has completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Canberra and has a degree in psychology.


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