How To Look 10 Years Younger By Skin Doctor Ginni Mansberg

Because the truth is you can make that dream a reality

Image: By killer cool beauty photographer and all-round awesome chick Nicole McCluskey.

Look. Here’s the thing. She’s a doctor. Like, a legitimate doctor. The real deal. So, obviously she knows what’s what as far as skincare is concerned. Ginni Mansberg, or should we say Dr Mansberg, has the most beautiful skin we’ve ever clapped eyes on.

Not surprisingly when you consider that’s what she specialises in. We’re not doctors. And we don’t know exactly how to get that glow. So we did the smart thing – and asked Dr Mansberg to tell us. And this is what she said.

Q: I’m 47 and I feel like I went to bed last night and woke up old! What the hell happened?

It can feel that way when a lifetime of sun worshiping, smiling, bad habits like smoking and drinking catch up with you and reveal themselves for all to see on your face. Many of us who just use cheap moisturiser from the supermarket suddenly need to take our skin care seriously.

Q: How can I fight the inevitable in terms of skincare habits?
There’s nothing like spotting your first wrinkle, fine line, large pore or age spot to motivate you to take your skin care seriously. Especially in this era of Instagram and facebook when all your ‘character’ is there for the world to see.

So, step one: decide you would like your face to look younger rather than having to trowel on an extra layer of foundation. That means making a commitment to using high quality cosmeceutical skin care with active skin care ingredients every day.

The good doctor herself. Good skin eh? Yes. Yes indeed.

Q: Should I be using specific anti-ageing ingredients and if so, which and why?
You betcha!

One: I wouldn’t consider leaving Vitamin C off my skincare regime. It repairs and protects from sun damage. Problem is finding one that gets the evidence tick. Look for 10% concentration L-Ascorbic acid (only!), water in oil emulsion, airless and light protected bottle.

Two: A leave on hydroxy (Glycolic and Lactic) acid serum, about 5% concentration, is amazing for smoothing the skin.

Three: An effective form of Vitamin A will reduce wrinkles and increase suppleness (it’s also good for managing breakouts). That means either Tretinion on prescription from your doctor or Retinal/Retinaldehyde (NOT Retinol).

Four: Niacinamide. It reduces ages spots and wrinkles and improves skin barrier function.

Five: A high quality Zinc (not chemical) based sunscreen with high UVA filters (Remember UV: A for aging and B for burning). This is for use every day including winter.

Six: A good quality soap free cleanser that won’t inflame or dry out your skin.

Q: My younger girlfriends (20s, 30s) are wondering whether it’s too early to star fighting the clock? What do you suggest they do?
We all know that prevention is better than cure and it’s far better to start using cosmeceutical skin care sooner rather than later. The results might not be as dramatic, or happen as quickly, but they will appreciate the effort when they hit their forties.

Q: My older girlfriends (50s, 60s) are concerned they may have left it too late. To that you say … and you recommend …
It’s never too late. In fact, some of the most dramatic results I have seen have been with older skin. All the same rules apply, but remember skin can get more sensitive after menopause. So, when using a cosmeceutical skincare regime for the first time start slowly and build up gradually.

ESK – Evidence Based Skincare by Dr Ginni Mansberg. The Daily Regime Full Size Pack, $369.

Q: What does your daily skincare routine look like?
I use ESK skincare daily regime. I start with the Hydroxy cleanser, then use Reverse C Serum – the absolute best Vitamin C serum anywhere. I am managing ages spots, so I follow that with Enlighten cream and finally the Zinc Shade day cream. At night, I remove my make up with Calming Cleanse, then wash with Hydroxy Cleanser. I follow that with Smooth Serum and finally Ultimate A+. If that sounds ridiculously complicated, I can tell you that I spend a grand total of four minutes max on my face every day.
And that four minutes is so worth it. I look back at photos of myself taken five years ago, before I started ESK and can’t believe how much younger my skin looks now.

Q: How did you get involved in this business?
It actually all started with a series of TV segments in which we would discuss what really works for anti-aging skincare. I would get so many emails from viewers asking me which products they should buy. I started looking in to it and to my utter dismay, despite, the huge range of skincare products available in Australia, there was nothing I could recommend that matched the studies. At the same time, I hit my forties and all of a sudden I realised I couldn’t rely on standard beauty products for my skin. What started as a bit of frustration lead to me creating my own skincare that I could hand on heart recommend as scientifically valid and that was also, beautiful, simple to use and ethically made.
Evidence, Efficacy and Integrity were the three principles that I started with. They have remained front and centre of everything we do to this day.

Want to start smaller? Try the Daily Regime Travel Set, $184.50. Oh … clearly also perfect for travelling. 

Q: Do you think Australian women are getting better at caring for their skin, in particular avoiding the sun, or not?
Absolutely. This is partly due to our increased awareness of skin cancer and ageing and also because we are spending more time at work. Unfortunately, much of the damage is done in our twenties before we start taking this stuff seriously.

Q: Secret to gorgeous glowing complexion is …
A high-quality evidence based cosmeceutical skin care range; getting enough sleep; staying well hydrated and avoiding too much thick pancake makeup.
Q: Business tips for other women wanting to launch a product or service of their own?
I have to believe passionately in what I am doing. I also need to be able hold my head up high – which means, at all times, acting ethically and providing a solution that people get real value from. I would also recommend you learn resilience – you will need it. Not everybody you meet will think your idea is as incredible as you do.

Make sure that you can afford to put your heart and soul into it, which might mean giving up your day job. I was lucky enough that my husband Daniel was able to do this. Don’t grow too quickly. I have met so many power women overflowing with incredible ideas. The problem is, each new phase of your business requires capital. Growing too quickly can take a fabulous business and kill it.

Q: General beauty tip for women of all ages?
Awesome cosmeceutical skin care. A good haircut and a genuine smile

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