How to grow your hair long and ASAP

Super long hair is what we want - celebrity stylist and makeup artist Max May reveals how to get it!

Max May is something of a legend in the beauty world. 

His famed 'It Girl' style has graced the pages of fashion bibles such as HARPER’S BAZAAR, OYSTER, RUSSH Magazine, ELLE Japan and GRAZIA Australia/UK/Italy and that's not all. Max works with real women too - and not just any women (although he works with them too). He regularly creates beauty and hair looks for high profile clients such as Lara Bingle, Abbie Cornish, Rose Byrne and Sarah Murdoch too.

Clearly, man knows what he's doing. And so, when we wanted to know everything about growing our hair long and lush we turned to him. Max was overseas with TRESemmé at the time (he's an ambassador for the brand) but we demanded answers and, because he's a darling, he provided them.

Max May

Max May. One very talented man. Image: Instagram/@Maxmade


Scroll down and get ready for the hair tips that will see your crowning glory grow long, strong and beautiful, plus a whole lot more.

What is the easiest way to 'do' my hair so that I look well, 'done' without having any skills and very little time!

The easiest way to do your hair without having the time (or skill) is to invest in salon-quality styling products.

I know it sounds expensive but trust me when I say it doesn’t have to be. For instance, the new hydrating range from TRESemmé (Ultimate Hydration) contains a unique moisture complex with ceramides, which infuses each strand of hair with an intense boost of deep, long-lasting hydration.

It’ll make your hair feel shiny, taking away the need to always feel ‘done’.

Max May hair

Lush locks and perfect makeup - all courtesy of Max May. Image: Instagram/@Maxmade


I want to cut my long hair off. Will I regret it? How do I know if I really want to or if I'm just having a moment?

If you’ve been thinking about cutting some serious length of your hair, I say go for it!

In most cases, hair will always grow back. Plus, it’s nice to shake up your style every once in a while.

Does anyone have real hair these days or are those glorious locks I am seeing everywhere actually extensions etc?

With more quality hair products on the market, it’s no surprise that everyone’s hair is looking schmick!

That’s not to say that people don’t have hair extensions though. Similar to the accessibility of quality hair products, I’m finding that higher quality hair extensions are now available at more affordable prices. A few of my clients are not only using them for length but volume too.

Tresemme shampoo

TRESemme's brand new Ultimate Hydration range. Perfect for hair that's dry and/ or damaged. Pretty much all hair really. Image: Instagram/@Maxmade


Is there really any way to make hair grow quicker?

There’s loads of wives tales out there about how to make your hair grow quicker.

If you’re finding that your hair doesn’t grow as quick as you like, a vitamin might be the answer. It all starts from within!

My hair is dry. SO dry! What the hell. I don't do anything much with it by way of heat + tools etc. Could it be stress and / or diet?

There are so many reasons your hair could be dry, even if you don’t apply heat to it.

It’s possible that it could be related to stress and diet. But first, I’d suggest looking at what you’re using. Why don’t you change up the shampoo and conditioner you’re using?

My recommendation is to look into ones with moisturising properties.

There seems to be a big embrace the grey movement ... thoughts?

Elyse Knowles

Elyse Knowles - showing off hair by Max. And what glorious hair it is. Image: Instagram/@Maxmade


I’m all about being unapologetically yourself, so I’m fully behind the grey movement. It’s up to each person to decide what they feel most comfortable with!

How do I keep colouring my hair (I am not embracing the grey!) without damaging it?

Colouring your hair will more than likely impact your hair’s original state for the worst.

So if you’d prefer to not get behind the grey movement and continue colouring your hair, I’d suggest looking into solid after-care products. Consider a range specifically for blonde hair. These work in the same way that purple shampoo does.

I want to be blonde! Will it kill my hair?

Dying your hair will definitely impact your hair’s natural state but if you’d like to be blonde my recommendation is to ensure that you’re utilising hair products that will help your hair maintain a healthy appearance.

Hailey Clauson

The divine Hailey Clauson. Max cites her as his current inspiration. And it's not hard to see why. Image: Instagram/@Haileyclauson


Tell me a cool new trend that's coming up this year. We'll be wearing our hair how ...

We saw a lot of loose waves at New York Fashion Week this season. So my guess is that we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it!

Colour coming up will be?

Copper-coloured hair is definitely on the rise! It’s perfect for winter too.

And the celeb you think is just killing it in the hair stakes right now ...

I absolutely love Hailey Clauson (see above) right now. She’s an upcoming talent to keep your eyes on! I love the texture in her waves.



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