How To Grow Strong, Beautiful Nails – Right Now

Simple tips and tricks that will see your nails more beautiful (and stronger) than ever

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Here’s the plain and simple truth. Thanks to smart phones we live in a hand-held world. These devices have put hands and nails front and centre and never before have the appearance of both been more crucial. If anyone understands this it’s Manhattan nail guru Dr Dana Stern.

Stern is a certified dermatologist who specialises in nail treatment and care. She is one of only a handful of dermatologists in the world with this specific expertise. Not surprisingly she is sought after by those whose hand and nail health is integral to what they do. You know who we’re talking about: musicians, chefs, brides, business people, artists and even athletes. And of course, regular women such as ourselves who just want damn fine looking nails. We’re not judging!

Here, Dr. Stern reveals her TOP five tips for keeping your nails in tip-top shape. They’re easy to follow and better still – seriously effective. get ready for the nails of your dreams friends.

The very fabulous and beautifully-manicured Dr Stern at your service.


NUMBER 1 – Avoid cutting the cuticle
The cuticle is the nail’s natural protective seal.  Instead of cutting it, gently push the cuticle back with a wash cloth after a warm shower or bath and follow with your favorite cuticle moisturizer.

NUMBER 2 – Always wear gloves for household chores
Always wear gloves for household and wet work chores, especially when washing dishes, to protect the nail. (Or, better still – don’t do any. Okay that was our suggestion. Not Dr Stern’s. But it works!)

NUMBER 3 – Avoid excessive use of hand sanitiser
Avoid excessive use of hand sanitisers containing alcohol.  Alcohol is extremely drying to nails and skin.  Instead, consider using a moisturising cleanser or body wash in a travel dispenser. And just drink the alcohol instead! Okay, okay – again, our suggestion – not hers.

NUMBER 4 – Use a glass file in lieu of a cardboard emery board
Emery boards cause microscopic tears in the nail that can lead to peeling and splitting of the nail. And that’s not good. Obviously.

NUMBER 5 – Use effective nail treatments
Look for products that contain alpha hydroxy acids like Glycolic Acid and hydrating ingredients that are rich in phospholipids (sunflower oil for example).

Stern doesn’t work in this field for nothing of course. She wants us all to have gorgeous, glamorous nails and so she’s not just providing tips but had come up with her own nail care product. The Dr. Dana Nail Care System costs $61 and is clinically proven to support the appearance of healthier, stronger, smoother, shinier, glossier, and less brittle nails, or so says Stern and we’ve come to think her word is pretty much gold when it comes to all things nails.


Apparently, the secret is functional ingredients, including proprietary bioactive Phyto Crystal Complex—a natural, nail-hydrating formula that is good for your nails and cuticles and free of harmful chemicals that can damage nails over time. You can find out more here.

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