How to cure split ends, reverse damage and grow your hair long and strong

All that and more from celebrity stylist Kristin Ess.

Kristin Ess is a modern-day phenomenon. First and foremost she's a super stylist who regularly cuts and colours the locks of Hollywood A-Listers including Lauren Conrad, Lili Reinhart and Jenna Dewan. You might like to go to her salon but guess what - you can't. Because it's a celebrity salon only.

You can watch Kristin on Instagram however. Her hair tutorials are easy-to-follow and she's a delight to watch so I guess it's no surprise they attract millions upon millions of views.

On top of all that - she is one very savvy business woman.

Kristin has her own range of products which in 2017. The eponymous hair range of 15 products into Target US in 2017. It sold out within days.

In 2018 the Kristin Ess product line went on sale in Australia exclusively to Priceline and the reaction was much the same.

Stuff hit the shelves and it walked out door.

Kristin's products are that awesome you see. And when it comes to all things hair - so is she.

So when we had the opportunity to hit her with our most tricky locks dramas we jumped at it.

Here, our chat from start to end. Get ready to learn some very important things - and (if you follow her advice) a head full of shiny, healthy, glorious hair.

Kristin Ess

Kristin kicking her shoes off and relaxing. It doesn't happen often. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness


How did you get your start?

I started doing an apprenticeship when I was in high school and I did that until I was able to get my license. 

I have broken up with my BF and want to totally change my hair - I should do ... (this is just a hypothetical by the way but lord knows we've ALL been there)

A temporary tint! 

I am going grey - I am sick and tired of trying to hide it - I should try ... 

You should try to incorporate some lighter highlights where the greys are coming through to help blend them instead of covering them. This will also give you a feel for what it will look like grown out. 

Do blondes really have more fun?

Not sure where that term originated, but I've definitely never noticed a lack of fun coming from brunettes or redheads!


Kristin Ess

Hair, glorious hair by Kristin Ess. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness


How long is too long if there is such a thing?

I think as long as your hair is healthy, makes you happy and has a nice shape there's no such thing as too long. 

Does an over 40 woman REALLY have to cut her hair?

No, but I think hair cycles change as you get older and grey hair can sometimes change the texture which makes longer lengths harder to manage for some people. This often leads to the desire to have shorter hair. 

Is there a universally-flattering shade of hair colour? If so it is ...

I don't think there is a universally flattering shade, but in my experience people always look amazing with the colour they had when they were three and five years old.

Kristin Ess 

The Kristin Ess hair line. One very popular bunch of stuff. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness


We all want healthy, shiny, strong hair that has zero split ends - what's the easiest way for us to achieve that?

There are so many things I could talk about here but my top four tips would be: 

Make sure you're getting enough water + enough healthy oils and fats in your diet.

Give your hair a break from heat styling and find a good air-dry routine that works for you.

Always use leave-in conditioner no matter what your hair type or texture is.

Get four to six haircuts per year, even if it's just a light trim.

 Kristin Ess

Another sensational style by Kristin Ess. Watch her tutorials and learn how. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness


What's your fave hair style right now - can you give us a few tips as to how to create it?

I'm really into turban style knotted headbands. I love to pair them with messy waves finished off with texture spray. 

What's the one mistake you see us making over and over again that you'd like us to stop doing now and NOW!

Stop over-using dry shampoo, a lot of people become reliant on it. It's awesome to extend your style but you also need to keep your scalp healthy by washing your hair when there is buildup. 

When hair stylists get together they always talk about ...

I could lie and say trends etc. but really it's often about other artists, jobs, clients etc.

Don't take that the wrong way, it's not in a negative light, sometimes it is, but mostly positive!

Kristin Ess

Kristin's range now includes glosses. Gorgeous glosses at that. Image: Instagram/@Kristiness

Your fave three hair products are and please explain why:

As I'm always preaching, I love a good leave-in conditioner because everyone needs it.

I love the Rose Gold Temporary Tint because it allows you to get creative with your hair colour without commitment.

Lastly, I love finishing off a look with my Soft Shine Beach Wave Spray more than anything else because it gives just the right amount of shine and separation to straight hair, wavy hair or curly hair. 

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