How To Get Rid Of Split Ends – Genius Tricks, New Products

Split ends can be fixed and FAST – here’s how

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Split ends aren’t fun – but they’re pretty damn common. Basically, we’re all dealing with them in some way or another. That said, some of us are dealing with these irritating little MOFOS better than others.

How? Well, this is where things get interesting because it turns out there’s a few genius techniques that will banish split ends forever. Like FOREVER! Okay, well, not forever … but for a damn long time anyway. Want to know more? We thought so!

But first, a quick run down on what these irritating bastards are, just in case you’re not completely across the details. Split ends are when a single hair strand splits into two – or even more. That’s bad because it means that each mini strand is weak and super vulnerable to breakage. These weak strands also absorb moisture like nobody’s business meaning you’re prone to frizz and fluffiness. Not what you want.

Generally, this splitting phenomenon is caused by excessive stress. That stress usually comes in the form of chemical treatments such as colouring, straightening or even perms and/or heated styling tools –  yep, blow drying or curling and so on.

The number one way to resolve split ends, of course, is to snip the hair above the split. But even better is stopping the cheeky little buggers before they even pop up. And this is how you can make that supposed dream a legit reality.

Oh, one last thing … DO NOT skip Split End Fighter Number Six. It is kinda awesome – if we do say so ourselves.

Hot Split End Fighter Number One

Don’t rub and tug on your hair in a crazy hard way when you’re washing your hair. Instead, massage your shampoo in gently working from root to tip. Have you ever had your hair washed at a salon? They massage and with a firm, soft hand. Do that when at home. It cleans every bit as well and yet – minimises breakage and split ends.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Turban, $44.

Hot Split End Fighter Number Two

After you apply conditioner, either comb it through with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers – and spread them wide. Work the product through and again – from root to tip. And be gentle for heck’s sake.

Keune Keratin Smooth Conditioner, $25.95.  While we’re on the Keune topic, this incredible brand has donated more than one million bucks to families caring for kids who have life-threatening illnesses. So you know … if you’re going to put your money somewhere this is a damn good place.

Hot Split End Fighter Number Three

When you dry your don’t grab a towel and rub like mad. Instead, flip your head over and wrap a towel around your hair. Squeeze excess water into the towel and I don’t mean to bang on but go easy FFS! Then, flip it back over and let it dry naturally for a while. The super keen might like to run a wide-tooth comb at this point.


Mason Pearson Detangling Comb C2, $40.

Hot Split End Fighter Number Four

If you MUST use a blow-dryer and/or a straightener then do allow your hair to air dry as much as you possibly can. If you use a heated tool on damp or wet hair (Egads!) then you’re ASKING for significant damage – end of story.

Also, even when hair has dried naturally as best as possible, use a low heat on your hair dryer. Consider adding a diffuser to well, diffuse the heat. Again, work from the root to the tip of the hair. This means you’re working with the shaft of the hair, not against it, which again, encourages split ends to develop.

Dyson Supersonic Dryer in Special Edition Iron Red Case, $549.

Hot Split End Fighter Number Five

If you’re going to use any kind of heated tool, apply a heat protection product first. I know, who has the time for that? NOBODY! But if you skip this step you will pay for it later. And I’m not joking. If it helps, there are plenty out there that protect from heat AND provide extra benefits such as moisture, shine or even a pretty scent.

ghd Style Heat Protect Spray, $24.

Hot Split End Fighter Number Six

Okay – so this is not really a split end fighter so much as a way of dealing with them if you have them. Take small sections of your hair and twirl the section into a long skinny um … thing.

The split ends will stick out along the entire length of the um … long tube (I can’t think of another way to describe it?) of hair. Next, get a decent pair of scissors and snip those bitches off. Et Voila. Done.


Louvelle Wear Dahlia Shower Cap in Cactus, $40.

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